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Wednesday, February 27, 2019


As I earlier highlighted in my 2015 Manifesto Score card (see section 1), my first three and half years was  characterized by massive road rehabilitation and construction throughout the State. Evidently, roads covering over 1,000km have been constructed and/or rehabilitated by my administration.

My 2019 completion agenda intends to achieve a complete network of roads in the State before the end of my tenure in 2023.

Already the following roads have been marked out for construction:

● Construction 10.5km Nkara Obio Junction - Ediene Atai Junction - Usuk Ediene - Udok Atai Road
with Spur from Ediene Atai Junction - Afaha Ediene in Ikono L.G.A

● Construction of Ikot Akpabio – Ibagwa Road with bridge at Ibagwa and Spur from Nung Asang by
Transformer to Government Primary School in Uyo L. G. A. (29th Anniversary Road).

● Construction of Ikot Ekpeyak – Anan – Nung Asang – Ikot Udobia – Afaha Akpan Ekpo Road in
Uyo L.G.A. (29th Anniversary Road).

● Construction of 17.4km Odoro Ikpe-Mbiebet Ikpe-Mbiebet Ikot Udo Road (Phase 2) under
Alternative project Funding

● Dualization of Okopedi - Oron Road by East-West Road with 60m spans bridge.

● Construction of Abak Ifia-Ikpe Mbak Eyop-Ikot Abia Osom- Nko Road

Construction of 6.5km Afaha Atai Ibesikpo Cresent and Ancilliary Roads linking Shelter Afreque
and Tropicana Outfall Drains.

● Construction of 3.0km Ukpong Street/Adjoining Roads with outfall drains, Oron

● Construction of 16.232km Urua Naira-Ikot Nteyen-Ikot Umo Essien-Nkwot - Nung Ukim Road
with 45m span Bridge in Ikono L.G.A.

● Construction of 6.29km Utit Obio - Ikot Eshiet - Edem Urua - Edem Iyere - Linking Ikot Udom -
Use Ikot Amama - Okoita in Ibiono Ibom L.G.A.

● Construction of 4.32km Owot Uta - Ikot Oku Obo-Ikot Ikere Udo Ekop Road with 30m Spans
Bridge in Ibesikpo L.G.A.

● Construction of 18.6km Ebighi Efa- Obufi - Atabong road with spur to Ebighi Edu in Okobo LGA

● Construction of Abak - Independent Way

● Construction of 6.29km Utit Obio - Ikot Eshiet - Edem Urua - Edem Iyere - Linking Ikot Udom -
Use Ikot Amama - Okoita in Ibiono Ibom L.G.A.

● Construction of 4.32km Owot Uta - Ikot Oku Obo-Ikot Ikere Udo Ekop Road with 30m Spans
Bridge in Ibesikpo L.G.A.

● Construction of 18.6km Ebighi Efa- Obufi - Atabong road with spur to Ebighi Edu in Okobo LGA

● Construction of Ikot Ebiere – Ikot Edor – Ikot Iko Ibon – Okom Road and Ukpana-Akpabom-Ikwe
road with 15m span bridge/7.3m carriage (phase I &II)

● Dualization of 47.5km Abak-Ekparakwa-Ikot Abasi (East- West Road) under Alternative project

● Construction of Ikot Unya-Ikot Eda-Iffe-Ikot Essien-Ikot Abasi Akpan-Ekpuk Road with Bridge
under APFA

● Construction of Itreto-Ikot Etobo Environ Roads, Nsit Ubium

● Reconstruction of Regina Cheli College - East West Road (2km) in Ikot Abasi L.G.A

● Construction of Entrance Road to Obong University

● Construction of Ikot Amba - Nto Ide - Nto Edino - Nto Ndang Road in Obot Akara LGA

● Construction of Umeme (by East - West Road) - Uboro Oro - Oruku - Udesi - Oduo Ebughu
Road with 1 No Bridge in Urue-offong/Oruko and Mbo L.G.As

12.4km Okoroette - Amadaka - Kampa road

● 14.7km Atan Ikpe - Ikot Efre - Ikot Okpok - Ikot Akpabio - Ikot EtuyeEdiduo Road with 2No
Bridges in Ikot Abasi L.G.A

● 6.5km Uya Oron - Eyetong - Eyoabasi Road

● Construction of 8.3km Ikot Akpaden - Iko - Okorette Road in Mkpat Enin/Eastern Obolo LGAs

● 11.68km Atabong Beach market - Jetty Road in Okobo L.G.A.

● Construction of 6.29km Utit Obio - Ikot Eshiet - Edem Urua - Edem Iyere - Linking Ikot Udom -
Use Ikot Amama - Okoita in Ibiono Ibom L.G.A.

● Construction of 4.32km Owot Uta - Ikot Oku Obo-Ikot Ikere Udo Ekop Road with 30m Spans
Bridge in Ibesikpo L.G.A.

● Construction of 13.5km Lateral Roads in Mbiabong Ikot Antem/Mbiabong Ikot Essien (Opposite Shelter Afrique to Etoi Secondary School and designated outfall drain, Uyo

● Construction of 17.84km Ikot Ikpi Inua - Ikot Etenye Ndon - Afan Eka Iko - Ikot Akpabio - Ikot
Okpok - Ikot Efre Road with 4Nos. Spurs and 3Nos Brdiges in Ikot Abasi LGA

● Contract for Construction of 13km Akpambiet - Edo-Edida Edo - Ebekpe Road, Ndon Edim -
Idung Akpantuen Road with Spurs and Rehabilitation of 1.7km Uquo Iso Edoho - Edo Road in Esit
Eket L.G.A.

There are several others we have and for want of space we cannot all publish them here.

In addition to the many number of roads marked out for construction across the State, I will re-double my effort in improving road infrastructure, and also improve on the superior performance recorded in the transport sector of the State.

 This will be done through:
● Construction of landing jetties and waiting halls

● Rehabilitation of beaches and terminals to aid maritime transportation

● Construction of heavy duty vehicles/trailer parks

● Provision of modern and aesthetic bus-stops

● Establishment of a driving institute to regulate activities of driving schools in the State

● Linking the State to the on-going Port Harcourt – Abuja light rail

● Maintenance of standard urban electricity supply, street and traffic lights along major roads and

● Provision of fire prevention and fighting equipments and upgrade of Fire Service Stations across
the state.


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