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Monday, July 30, 2018


The adage that it is not everything seen in the bush by a hunter that he will come back home to say is one guide I have decided to apply in this short piece.

As the Hon. Member representing Esit Eket / Ibeno State constituency in the 6th Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. (Dr.) Usoro Akpanusoh is vigorously working to retain his mandate for another term of four years; which political analysts have repeatedly attested to the popularity and acceptability of the incumbent emerging victorious.

Some of the "online aspirants" coming in to race to ascertain their political relevance are either campaigning on the internet while others are busy sponsoring attacks against a fellow contender as a result of timidity and lack of purpose.
Now is not the time to gang up against our impeccable lawmaker but rather it is the time for everyone to understand that the business of legislative engagement is cumbersome requiring extreme commitment, resoluteness, foresight and charisma which is embedded in the person of Usoro Akpanusoh.

The baseless call by some persons who do not even have valid Permanent Voters Card (PVC) for the replacement of the incumbent lawmaker is another dead dream by haters of good governance that will never manifest.
As you take pleasure in drumming that evil drums, have you announced to the world that Usoro Akpanusoh has distinctively performed as a first time lawmaker with outstanding bills to his credit.

•None will dare challenge Usoro Akpanusoh's unwavering position to always stand firm despite the tempest to ensure he delivers on his core responsibility of lawmaking as a lawmaker
•None will go to CNN to appraise Usoro's representation, his selfless and consistent support to aide academic enhancement of several constituents studying in tertiary institutions.

•In all the social media sponsored campaign of calumny against Dr. Usoro Akpanusoh, I am yet to see/read post denying that Usoro Akpanusoh during his 3rd mega constituency briefing did empowered constituents with 
•11 New Cars
•21 Mini Buses
•10 Trycycle Trucks
• 40 Motorcycles etc.
•Sewing machines
•Small Business Support to women, youth etc.

It is a big shame to see some men who are supposed to be mentors, community builders, managers dancing naked in the public when there's no war.
Hitherto, the people of Esit Eket / Ibeno LGAs are waiting to see the blueprint of other aspirants under the umbrella party (PDP), and the opposition candidate's (if any) in other to determine who should be considered as the pathfinder and symbol of good governance. (who else if not Akpanusoh)?

Anybody or group of persons that is prepared for elections should caution their supporters to give concentration to the subject matter by maping strategies on how to lobby prospective delegates for party nomination because Usoro Akpanusoh would be returned again by the people.

For those who are not conversant with the legislative impactions as witnessed within this first term, I will advice you to conduct an independent assessment on members of the sixth Assembly, objectively analyze and rate their scorecards using "legislative capacity,  representative impacts, oversight functions and constituency empowerment" as your criteria, then you will have no option than to align with the continuity Project for the return of DR. USORO AKPANUSOH.

I am still pondering on the reason some youths all in the name of politics relinquish their integrity, murder their characters and took upon them the role of mischievous actions by casting aspersions to mislead the general public on the legendary characteristic of Dr. Akpanusoh.

A lawmaker whose unimpeachable trademark in the state Assembly is highly commendable with encomiums and accolades in and outside the state of which upcoming leaders are striving to emulate should be given maximum support, respect and accolades hence the sixth Assembly is concern.

One history I know they will never be bold to archive after 2019 general elections is their failed dreams against Dr. Usoro Akpanusoh's second term which EXTRAORDINARY GRACE from the Heavens of the Heavens have nullified thereby choosing DR. USORO AKPANUSOH as the annointted to emerge as the PDP candidate and subsequent winner at the poll to represent Esit Eket / Ibeno State constituency for another term of four years.


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