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Thursday, August 30, 2018


*(Esit Eket -Ibeno State Constituency)*

According to John Quincy, an American statesman who once served as a diplomat, he asserted that "in leadership If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader".

The perspective and description of a leader by the American statesman has drawn me in to the archives of leadership, luring me to take critical appraisal on the leadership disposition of DR. USORO AKPANUSOH; Member representing Esit Eket/ Ibeno state constituency cum Chairman, Appropriation and Finance Committee, Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly. 

From my conviction, leadership is akin to Farming. Just as a farmer operates his farm land, planting choice seeds with the aim of generating healthy produce for onward general consumption either through supplies or domestic usage. To accomplish it's essence, in-depth soil analysis, typography, and seeds must first and foremost be examined to determine possible harvest or to avoid undue  "pollution" as the case may be. 

The term "possible harvest" in this context symbolizes level and spread of representative Impactions on the electorates.


Pragmatically, two set of farmers exist. The "realist and the pessimist", the  pessimist  oftentimes abandons her farmlands leaving both seeds and crops to wallow in emergent vegetative catastrophe, expecting harvest without indulging in considerate nurturing of crops and farmland. As a result of unpreparedness and lack of foresight, the entire inputs and resources becomes a subject of colossal waste, whilst the environment and habitat suffers aftermath effects 'polution'.

A "realist" farmer will consciously and persistently nurture and  fumigate her farmlands to guarantee crops safety with the expectations of greater harvest. The realist farmer will never succumb to challenges of biological hazards as may be caused by changes in atmospheric conditions.They are always on the lead during the period of cultivation and harvest. 

Howbeit, without further theoretical framework and research on the above illustrations, it is obviously imperative to note that DR. USORO AKPANUSOH is a realist .

DR. USORO AKPANUSOH's consistent demonstration of exceptional leadership, undeniable passion, commitment and focus in legislating laws towards enhancing development, creating windows for unemployments and to add value to the living standard of his constituents are noble testimonies the good people of Akwa Ibom State and Esit Eket-Ibeno in particular will ever lived to remember. 

An insight into Akpanusoh's legislative legacies revealed that over 70 ( seventy) youths have been trained in agro-allied ventures, provision of solar powered street lights, rehabilitation of boreholes across his constituency, sponsorship of medical operations (hernia) for seven constituents, renovation of Secondary Grammar school hostel in Ibeno LGA, 50,000.000.00 (fifty million naira) revolving interest loan for traders across his constituency are some of the dividends of democracy recorded under DR. AKPANUSOH'S first term representation in the sixth assembly. 

Evidently, the (third) constituency briefing/ empowerment of DR. AKPANUSOH and, considering his unimpeachable legislative scorecard in the sixth assembly with several people oriented sponsored / co-sponsored bills and life touching motions are salient reason he is hitherto rated as the most performing legislator in the sixth Assembly.

In his usual style of creating positive impact, this emerging reputable lawmaker had empowered 10 (ten) constituents with 10 (ten) new cars, he has donated 40 (forty motorbikes) to 40 (Forty) constituents, 21 (twenty one) each also benefited from his free mini buses empowerment, while 10 (ten) received one tricycle each. 

The traditional institutions, clergymen, women, youths, students and artisans across the entire wards in his constituency were not left out in his rare act of benevolence which portrays his steadfastness towards ensuring accelerated development as indication to bring back governance to the people. 

No wonder this five star legislator  nicknamed "tactical Commander" has attracted overwhelming endorsement from the political class, stakeholders, youths, students and women across the constituency supporting AKPANUSOH's revalidation of mandate for a second second term come 2019.

In a time like this where poverty, crime and other social vices capable of hampering smooth development and progress is on the increase; the only justifiable solution to squarely tackle this menace is to encourage and sustain the template of effective representaton unabatedly demonstrated by the incumbent lawmaker.

Having analyzed critically innate leadership qualities and scorecard of other aspirants in the race for the seat of Esit Eket / Ibeno State Constituency 2019, I have no doubt to reiterate my subscription to the definition of leadership as opined by -Quincy Adams as concise portrait of USORO AKPANUSOH's  leadership depiction.

Upon the light of the above stated, I boldly present to us a realist, reliable, charismatic, creative and vocal representative vested with distinct overwhelming leadership bearings as the THE CHOICE FOR ROBUST HARVEST to occupy the seat of Esit Eket / Ibeno state constituency come 2019. 





I am @

Comrade Jerryz Edoho


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