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Monday, August 6, 2018



A big congratulations to Akwa Ibomites, especially politicians and public office holders for the show of solidarity towards ensuring that Akpabio's defection saga doesn't lead to another 1983 political "coup" which Late Clement Isong's second term ambition was stopped by an Annang son as the Governor of then South Eastern State.

I commend Akwa Ibom people for the brotherhood spirit displayed so far which is devoid of ethnic, religion and whatever sentiments. Indeed, this was the kind of bond that bound founders and members of Ibibio State Union( Merchant of Light) together until "someone" amongst them betrayed the accord. I extol thee for resisting repetition of such act in this 21st century.

It is glaring that, with unity, togetherness and love, we could be wiser than "GREAT TEACHER" of sort.

Just within three years Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio left office as governor of Akwa Ibom State, the psyche of Akwa Ibom politicians have been restored back to factory setting with everyone taking responsibilities for his/her actions.

Were we under some spell? Cursed? Blind? Baal? What has brought about sudden change and spiritual recovery we are experiencing today as a state? Only You can do what no man can do.

So amazed to observe that even supporters, devoid of "consultation" with their masters took their stance insisting on #IstandwithUdom as soon as they observed that the Great Teacher wanted to cause enmity by teaching them nonsense.  

Earnestly, I am proud of Akwa Ibom, my dear state. I am hopeful that the future of our children shall be redeemed. I applaud every public office holder who has refused to join Godswill Akpabio on his defection adventure...or should I call it, a drama?

On Wednesday (the D-day,) maybe only Hon. Emmanuel Ekon, Hon. Emmanuel Akpan, Don Etim and insignificant few others will join him in jumping ship to APC.

I shall be in front of my television screen watching if Hon. Hilliard Etta, South South zonal Chairman of APC will repeat the statement he vowed to probe Godswill Akpabio in 2019 during reception held recently at Ikot Ekpene Stadium to honour President Muhammadu Buhari.

I shall watch if Atuekong Don Etiebet will promise Abak 5 of Senate ticket as he did during a reception held months ago at Abak Technical College, Abak.

I shall watch to see if Senator John James Udoedehe will be courageous enough to remind Akpabio of the travails he went through at that Ikot Ekpene stadium in 2011 and how scores of innocent blood spilled away just for his gubernatorial ambition.

I shall examine if remarks made by speakers will be tantamounted to Speeches or comedy...

Most especially, I shall examine the number of loyalties Akpabio has gathered eight years in Hilltop Mansions and three years in Red Chamber thereafter, compare and contrast with fans of Obong Victor Attah in his present age.

OH, what a nice time to be alive! OH, how the mighty has fallen.

Who would have thought that UKO Akwa Ibom of those heroic days will bow down to President Buhari he had abused up-and-down like he just did as displayed on social media, Channels TV et al.

Who would have believed that Akpabio who used to move with fleet of cars in times past is today walking alone even as his personal aides display resignation letters while Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District PDP elders and stakeholders have unimously rejected him?

...A karma display of Senator Aloysius Etok's case in 2013. Off course, this time it's also led by Barr. Emmanuel Enoidem with Hon. Iboro Ekanem and others in attendance thereby confirming the scripture that, "whatsoever a man sowth, so shall he reap."

OH, How time flies?

I now see why ICHABOD was only mentioned once in the holy scripture...Indeed, when glory departed from Isreal, the city was devastated. A big lesson for Akpabio, that was once GREAT should learn from the biblical episode.

I may not know his thought towards APC, I don't care to know his choice of GOVERNORSHIP candidate but each time I recall the incidents of victims of kidnapping and assassination (especially those involving Ibibios)during his tenure as governor of Akwa Ibom State, I vow never to be equally yoked with unbeliever.

If politicians could forget the incident and role allegedly executed towards impeachment of a public figure during his reign, then they shouldn't forget how a certain SSG, who supported Akpabio's  2007 guber. ambition wholeheartedly was chased out in a commandore manner by one who President Buhari once said "should be in the other room".

People say, politics is a game of interest, for Christ sake, mine is that of emotions laced with moral and sentiments.

I may not know the challenges Akpabio had with Udom, but whatever the case, Akpabio ought to have recalled that exception of Hon Essien Attah which he appointed a commissioner for only one year, he didn't accommodate his predecessor's immediate family like Udom Emmanuel who has appointed Prince,Emem, Ibanga to mention only 'three' in his government.

I doubt if Udom Emmanuel had embarked on probe of Akpabio's project like the latter did on Ibom Science Park.

I doubt if Deacon Udom Emmanuel has castigated the incessant spending of public fund during his predecessors era like Akpabio did by saying that he met empty treasury about some hours after his swearing in as governor in 2007.

I would however admit that Governor Udom Emmanuel has tried in his effort to unite the past and present by bringing Obong Victor Attah and Sen. Godswill Akpabio together in his led administration.

Have we forgotten so soon how Obong Attah's name was omitted during Akwa Ibom day's celebration under the watch of Chief Godswill Akpabio as governor? But today, Udom Emmanuel did not only identify with his predecessors but went ahead to named International Stadium after Godswill...I wish such benevolence should be extended to Attah, where a project could also be named after him.

From a distance, I could boldly say that if there is any leader that has tolerated Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio, then such should be Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel.

Is it via breaching of protocol after the Governor has already been seated in an event? Raising ethnic enmity as he did during All is not well brouhaha in Abak? Above all, the governor has tried in uniting Ibibio, ANNANG, Oro, Ekid, Obolo and Ibeno thus the reason why the anger expressed towards Akpabio's defection is not only seen as Ibibio cause but rather Akwa Ibom project.

I wouldn't say that Akpabio is an ingrate, but I think I will be ungrateful to God, Ibibio nation and Akwa Ibom if I allow myself to be used to massage his ego on Udom Emmanuel.

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