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Wednesday, September 5, 2018



I have carefully perused the lamentation written by way of Press Statement, where one of the smaller opposition parties in Akwa Ibom State, the All Progressive Congress (APC) tried their best (though in futility) to tarnish my highly proven and tested integrity as well as that of my Elder brother in the media profession, Prince Comrade Emmanuel Sam.

In that statement of frustration endorsed by controversial ex State Secretary of the APC, Dr. Effiong Etok aka "Charles Taylor", the group tried to lure me into their murky water of politics, of which as a man of reputable character, I won't fall into such attempt so as not to disappoint my fans, mentors, mentees, Christians and the public generally.

However, with regards to the careless utterance where the party accused my humble self of blackmailing Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio after he defected from Peoples Democratic Party to the APC, I wish to exonerate myself and by extension inform the public why HYPOCRISY should be uprooted from APC.

I would however admit that Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio has succeded in ridiculing Elders, stakeholders and the leadership of APC by making them to eat the vomit they vomited in their lifetime  to the detriment of their children and generation unborn.

His entrance into APC has clearly given and expatiate reasons why upright thinkers and gullible members of the party should be extremely careful with forerunners of APC in the Akwa Ibom State.

A once alleged kidnapper, thief, assassin and what have you by APC themselves is today celebrated to the extent that one Effiong Etok has the effrontery of accusing an innocent man of blackmailing Akpabio. Wonders shall never end!

While reading through the five-page Press Statement, so many questions ran through my mind: 

Could it be Charles Taylor who broke out from the Ini Okopido led SWC of APC and became a factional Secretary of APC under the leadership of Udoma Ekarika as Chairman?

Could it be Taylor whose faction inaugurated Chapter and ward Exco at Darty Hotel sometimes ago without the present of any National officer of the party?

When did Charles Taylor tailored himself to becoming the state Secretary of the party? 

Could APC become a Banana Republic where anyone could assume office without due process as Barr. Edet Bassey was short changed for a long retired public servant Pa Nkeruwem Enyongekere as State Publicity Secretary shortly after state congress?

While occupying my psyche with these questions, I recalled that a group where Mrs. Unoma Akpabio became the mother of the party on the official declaration day of her husband may not be a Sodom and Gomorrah but in some cases may be likened to a hood.

I later realized why the stakeholders of the party didn't come out with a communique after the meeting at Amazing Grace during Akpabio's maiden APC Caucus meeting, maybe for the obvious reasons that the nomenclature attached to names of signatories may result in controversies that may lead to Warsaw saw war and war saw warsaw in APC.

I later realized why the State, Chapter and ward executive list of Exco members of the party is yet to be published even on notice board of the party months after congresses ended.

I later realized why the party that earlier zoned the governorship ticket to Eket Senatorial District had to revoke such decision and reverse itself shortly after Akpabio stepped into the party and helped some hustlers like Charles Taylor with peanuts to enhance his survival.

I later realized why Godswill Akpabio was cited with the Holy Bible in the House of Sen. J.J. Udoedehe shortly after his maiden Caucus meeting with the APC.

I later recalled why Atuekong Don Etiebet was absent during Akpabio's defection in Ikot Ekpene.

APC, as soon as I noticed the protest led by Ekperikpe Ekpo, Uwem Udoma and the infamous Amadu Attai, I knew with the defection of Akpabio, the party was bent on sidelining the two top-notch (with juicy FEDERAL Board Appointment) of the party and by extension find means of blackmailing them as could be seen at the last paragraph of the issued Press Statement. 

It is pertinent to say that, I have never blackmailed Godswill Obot Akpabio let alone after his defection to APC. I could recount all the issues I raised since he left till date.

For instance, I had published an incomplete list of about 1089 people who were assassinated, kidnapped, falsely incarcerated during Akpabio's tenure as Governor between 2007-2015. 

In that list, I did an analysis where natives of Ibibio outweighed others. That was nothing but a fact with verifiable evidence if which this same Charles Taylor issued and signed several press releases on the issue and not blackmail.

 You can access that via

Lest I forget, I won't use any unprinted word on the so-called "Charles Taylor" though it is obvious that like Pharoah, he is allergic to success emanating from younger generation, but he should be told and probably cautioned knowing that in as much as I have no filial relationship with him, next time he tries to blackmail me Angels shall speak on my behalf.

Other issues I raised included the utterance where Akpabio said he had only one child during his infamous defection ceremony.

Off course, you will recall the video clip where Akpabio lambasted Otuekong Don Etibet et al. I never blackmailed Akpabio. All these were facts that spoke for themselves, though they were not as heavier as the statements credited to the likes of Udoedehe, Amadu Attai, Charles Taylor, Hilliard Etta, Don Etiebet among others before Akpabio became a rebranded saint, Nationalist, new anti corruption champion and face of change upon his defection to APC.

Before removing logs in my eyes, I would rather urge APC stakeholders to have a quiet time, thereafter, evaluate what legacy they are about to leave behind and if such is worth emulating.

They should check within themselves whether years after their demise they will be celebrated or left uncelebrated like the Late Eyo that hailed from Uyo.

They should remember a case of Ibibio Union where a member betrayed the ideology of the union, today, the name, family of that member is still very fresh in the mind set of all and sundry.

I had displayed pictures of houses burnt, vehicles destroyed and lives wasted during Sen. Udoedehe's campaign in 2011 and how Akpabio was accused by this same Charles Taylor and APC of masterminding the whole crime against innocent party supporters, of which the likes of Charles Taylor have forgotten.

 If Godswill Obot Akpabio is the same person that "some Elders" once accused of all the atrocities they alleged and today he is a Pope, then Christians who are in the party should exempt themselves from this sinking ground because God has admonished that He will seek for human blood even from the hands of animal.

Akwa Ibom people should beware of the characters like Charles Taylor who is today benefitting from the blood of innocent party supporters whom he himself said Akpabio killed but has made a fortune from their blood without remembering or caring about the dependent they left behind, without minding the fact that not too long ago, he himself told the works how wives were made widows and children orphans by his new master and saint Akpabio.

APC's new level of hypocrisy just because Akpabio, the master, initiator and originator of what money cannot buy, more money can buy have bought their conscience and integrity if at all they had any.

Oh, I almost forgot, may the soul of Late Dr Ime Umanah, Akaniyene Ukpanah, Hon Okon Uwah and all the APC supporters whom Charles Taylor said were killed by Akpabio rest in perfect peace but only after they have sought vengeance and uncommon justices against those who killed them and those who turned around to mock them in their grave and made a fortune from their demise. May their death not be in vain. Amen!

There is need for some political parties to find time and visit CLERIC with a view of breaking Self inflicted, generational and ancestral curses that members may have inherited  in the party as a result of pending undiluted curses.

Have we observed that, APC is the only political party that operate coup d'etat as in no proper handing over of the leadership of the party from one leader to another.

For instance, have we care to notice that no FIGURE HEAD from A.C. to ACN and today APC has ever enjoyed the dividend of the party he built.

Esv. James Iniama tried his best in Action Congress and later left to God knows where, thereafter, Steve Ibanga came and within a twinkle of an eye, Sen. Udoedehe hijacked the structure of the party, while Udoedehe  was having a field day, Obong Umana Okon Umana came from nowhere and turned Udoedehe to a regular guest on Planet FM. 

As the public was waiting to see official handing over from UOU to maybe ONE, Akpabio invaded with foreigners and imposed his wife as Mother of the party.

All these occurred in a coup-like manner. Therefore, when we see Godswill Obot Akpabio making reference to military invasion, we should understand that his new political party has military antecedence. 

I wish to urge the leadership of the party to rather focus on crisis within the party as posted on the timeline of Robinson Uwak. They should find means of solving issues bothering on Uwem Udoma's ticket where the former Deputy Speaker has pledged to fight in the air, sea et al.

The party should be bold enough to publish the list of executive especially now that Taylor has claimed to be STATE SECRETARY, coz though I am not a lawyer, I understand that impersonation is a criminal offence.

Neither, Revered Comrade Torobong Abraham Ekpo nor Prince Emmanuel Sam should be seen as reason for DOWNFALL of the party in the State.

Rather, the party should see how they could build edifice to honour deceased that lost their lives during the era of Governor "Hitler"(2007-2015) when Warsaw saw war and war saw warsaw. 

MAY the soul of the first paramount ruler (in the history of the world) Late Robert Obot that was assassinated on throne on a Sunday afternoon and that of departed others found peace in the bosom of Abraham.

Adieu! APC!

 Never again.......

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