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Saturday, September 15, 2018


The first sign of what to expect from the forthcoming Akwa Ibom APC Governorship primary emerged on Friday night with the party's two leading aspirants for the office of Governor, Obong Nsima Ekere and Senator J.J. Udoedeghe having a hot exchange on facebook.

The first shot came from the Managing Director of NDDC, Obong Nsima Ekere. Speaking through his aide, Michael Matthew, Ekere accused Udoedeghe of being sponsored by Akpabio and Governor Udom Emmanuel to frustrate his governorship aspiration.

Ekere said, he has proofs that Udoedeghe is financially induced to frustrate APC Akwa Ibom State Chapter.

"Udoedeghe is paid monthly stipend by Governor Udom Emmanuel to wretch havoc in the APC. If APC should dare as to allow this man (Udoedeghe) contest even the primaries, i will personally write to President Mohammadu Buhari with strong evidence to support my claims. Udoedehe was paid monthly through Senator Godswill Akpabio and I will present and make proofs public".

The NDDC Managing Director suggested that his major opponent, Udoedehe should be suspended from the party and made to apologize publicly for his actions.

"I am of the opinion that the party primaries should be by consensus to eliminate the plans to use moles in the party like Senator Udoedehe to destabilize the party during primaries".

But the Uyo born Senator and APC Governorship hopeful will not take such nonsense. Speaking through his aide too, Mr Solomon Johnny, Editor In Chief of Global Concord newspaper, Udoedeghe challenged Nsima Ekere to show prove as alleged or forever remain silent.

"You sound very idiotic. Thanks to Heaven you say you "have proofs that Senator John Udoedehe is financially induced to frustrate APC in Akwa Ibom State chapter". Great guy! It's not speculative. You have "proofs", not even one but "proofs". Please tender them as evidence so that iko akwene (Case close). I give you up to morning to so present your proofs and evidences or burry your face in shame", Udoedeghe thundered.

"Senator John Udoedehe is not "paid any monthly stipend by Governor Udom Emmanuel to wretch havoc in the APC. It is rather your boss, Obong Nsima Ekere who is determined to kill the APC by his inordinate greed and ambition. He controls nine states and budget of Akwa Ibom State in nine places. If it is money and power he seeks, the office of MD of NDDC has fetched him that in nine places. So why can't he rest and allow other party members to run and contribute in developing the state and party? Is he the only person in the party"?

The former Minister accused his opponent of abusing all party conventions to make sure he imposes himself on the party as her candidate. 

"That is what is wrecking havoc in the APC and not Senator John Udoedehe who is pushing his aspiration peacefully despite the provocations of endless sponsored  blackmails such as this", he warned.

Udoedeghe said Obong Nsima Ekere can not stop him from standing and winning the governorship nomination in Akwa Ibom State. 

"I'm sure you are aware that Uyo Senatorial District does not trust Obong Nsima Ekere one inch and would never want to wait another eight years without power. I'm sure are also aware that Oro nation have concluded plans to back John Udoedehe up and take a running mate offer so that after John Udoedehe, Ibibio of Uyo Senatorial District shall support Oro to produce a governor. It doesn't matter what conspiracy Godswill Akpabio does in Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District for Obong Nsima Ekere. We are going to beat him in the primary hands down. The equation favors John Udoedehe to the extent that it neutralises whatever conspiracy the elders in APC have entered against him. So don't just wait", he said.

To show how ready he is for the fight, Udoedeghe advised Nsima Ekere, "Start writing the letter and send it to the President whether that can help you in any way. Udoedehe is standing and winning the nomination. No consensus and no delegate nomination. Akwa Ibom State has adopted option A-4 and that where we stand".

Udoedeghe said the call to suspend him by Nsima Ekere is stupid.

 "Suspending Udoedehe? For what? The only man right now who ought to be suspended and expelled from the APC is Obong Nsima Ekere. He is a contract artist. He is using his privilege position as MD of NDDC to oppress and scam People to his governorship ambition and has been the reason so many party members are leaving the party in protest. I have personally spoken with Dr Udoma Bob Ekarika, DG John Udoedehe governorship campaign in 2011; Obong Emmanuel Obot, Former member representing Uyo Federal Constituency and APC Senatorial candidate for Uyo Senatorial District in 2015; Chief Sunny Udom, Obong Umana Okon Umana campaign manager in 2015, Elder Emmanuel Udo, immediate past deputy State Chairman of APC. These men, among others, left the APC strictly because of Obong Nsima Ekere's handling of party affairs and deception. If APC ever set up a committee to review why her members are quiting in droves, they would have realised that Obong Nsima Ekere is a big problem to the party and that is the man who should be "suspended and made to tender a public apology to the party" and not Senator Udoedehe. Obong Nsima Ekere is lucky that virtually all the party leaders in Akwa Ibom State are broke and feeding from his "benevolence". Being that he pays all of them, they have reduced themselves to errand boy and no more elders and accordingly, cannot question his excesses and overbearing attitude in the party. That's the bane of today's APC in Akwa Ibom State".

"Take your opinion to the field. What makes you think that a consensus arrangement in this instant case can ever favor Obong Nsima Ekere? What makes you think that Senator John Udoedehe, Engr Efretuei, Bar Dan Abia can step down for Obong Nsima Ekere as consensus candidate? What reason can be advanced for these aspirants to step down for him? Is it that he has so suffered for the party and has not benefited from his investments in the party as Senator Udoedehe is claiming?  What has Obong Nsima Ekere ever lost for the APC that could make it political expedient that other aspirants step down for him? Nothing! The elders shall NEVER be able to hand anybody APC gubernatorial ticket on a platter of gold. Whoever should get our ticket and merits it, must be a man or woman with a compelling antecedent of sacrifice, consistency, courage, vision and doggedness in APC politics that makes the cap fit him". 

To show that he is battle ready, Udoedeghe said, "We are mobilising our men. We are sharpening our oratory and gathering our facts. We are going to be meeting face to face with the people and the available media. Trust me, we are going to dismantle your pack of cards in a matter of days. You are going to see it with your eyes that it has crumbled because your foundation is faulty. You guys are happy setting Obong Nsima Ekere up and taking his monies like water in the stream. You guys are playing him mugu and want him to loose the NDDC job. You guys are ugly in mind. I pity him actually", Udoedeghe concluded.

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