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Sunday, September 30, 2018


A charismatic pastor, Rev Nsikanabasi Ese has advised the managing director the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC Mr Nsima Ekere to pay contractors who had borrowed money and had since completed projects awarded to them. 

Ese who was responding to comments on Ekere by some of his media hirelings, said the former deputy governor was in trouble for denying the contractors their wages after they had completed their assignments with borrowed funds.


"Obong Nsima Ekere has not done well of recent if what I have read from social media is true. Is it true that all the 30 contractors from Akwa Ibom state who His Excellency awarded contracts directly from his office have not been paid? 

"The very one that drew my attention is one Mr. Bassey Eba, our own brother from Onna which I believe you know. He was awarded a job on behalf of Elders of his Federal constituency and has completed same and settled all those that were  involved in the job without collecting a dime from the commission. As we speak,  he has sold his fuel station (NNPC) along Marina road here in Eket to settle the huge interest of the loan he got from the bank. 

"Alhaji,  If contractors were always abandoning  projects when they were mobilized, what encouragement have been given to those who even without getting a dime as mobilization but stick to their promises by sourcing for funds to complete such projects. Let's not forget that the likes of Timi Alaibe from Bayelsa have served as MD in this same commission and a time like this came where he also vie for the number 1 position in his state. We all could attest to what he did to the bayelsans by awarding jobs to his people with over 50% mobilization, so let our own brother also learn from the trend and save these poor contractors from impoverishment. 

"Quite a good number of them have been so embarrassed by the financiers of these projects, so let ONE thinks inward and do the needful asap to save his name from being dragged in the mud.  

Remember this news of nonpayment of Akwa Ibom contractors has gone viral.

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