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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

QIC School Fence Demolition: APC’s Unrefined Tactics

We have read a badly cobbled statement by a faceless organizing committee for the APC rally in Eket alleging among other things that the government and our great party the PDP instigated the community to resist their demolition of educational infrastructure in a government school in Eket.

By their statement they have clearly acknowledged the widely known aversion of the people of Eket Senatorial District to broom wielding people. The antagonism met by the opposition party was not instigated by anybody but is caused by the anger of people seeing their education infrastructure being demolished by unknown persons.

It is common knowledge that the first consideration of an event planner is the size of his expected crowd juxtaposed with the capacity of the proposed venue. So if the organizers were indeed expecting a mammoth crowd of 50,000 people why select a venue that can barely take 2,000? Or was it the PDP that chose the venue for them? Are there no other locations in Eket where the rally could have been held? Or was the venue chosen to show the mammoth crowd that will attend the event and obstruct traffic in the road close to the school so that their spin doctors can cast the headline “Eket stands still for ... “or “Eket shuts down for...”

The APC in Akwa Ibom is known for their window dressing tactics akin to a well designed coffin looking very beautiful on the exterior but bearing within it the remains of lifelessness. That political amalgam of fellows with bipolar tendencies is seriously struggling to untangle itself from the maladministration of its party’s federal government, in the hope that our people can be fooled.

Our advice to the APC is that next time, they should check for a suitable venue and not to demolish education infrastructure, as even a bystander will be very angered especially if you’ve not built any at that place. 

Finally, we welcome the blame game by the failing APC, PDP is to blame for all their failings and ultimately will be the cause of its electoral woes at all levels in 2019. We wish them a happy blame game season.


Comrade Ini Ememobong

State Publicity Secretary 

People’s Democratic Party


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