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Saturday, September 22, 2018


Humility,transparency and honesty are some of the virtues leaders lack in Africa's political lexicon.

The name Aniekan Bassey has been known for some of this outstanding virtues.Many people believe that his disposition of these virtues is because of his private sector background.It is an established fact that Aniekan Bassey has kept an indelible mark in the sands of time through his experience in the private sector where he provided employment to over 100 persons across the country.His focus in paint making and tourism gave room for the engagement of a good number of young people.

With such legacy in the private sector,Uruan people found him worthy to represent them in the hallowed chamber of Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly in year 2015.Three years on,Representative Aniekan Bassey has demonstrated his acumen in the legislative arm of government and has kept a legacy in the footprint of legislation in the good books of Uruan Inyang Atakpo.

In terms of lawmaking,Representative Aniekan Bassey has made laws that has been of impact to a common Uruan son and daughter,an average Akwa Ibom person as a whole.So many other bills,motions and petitions of public concern has been sponsored and moved by this five star lawmaker.He has Sponsored a Bill for a law to provide for regulations of rents for premises, recovery of premises and for matters connected therewith. This was the first bill to be presented on the floor of the 6th Assembly.He has Co-sponsored other Bills such as Bill to protect the Physically Challenged Persons against all forms of Discrimination, Bill to establish Constituency Projects Development Fund, Bill to establish Building and civil engineering construction Materials Quality and Control Centre, Bill to establish Akwa Ibom State Utility Infrastructure Management and Compliance Agency, Bill to establish Akwa Ibom State Social Housing Scheme and Bill to establish Akwa Ibom State Youth Development Fund. 

Representative Aniekan Bassey has Presented a matter of urgent public importance on the murder of Daniel Bassey Solomon from Ifiayong Usuk on the floor of the House whose case is being vigorously pursued in court,He has Sponsored a motion on the need for Akwa Ibom State Government's Involvement in Agricultural Value Chain to Ensure Sustainable Food Security and improve Foreign Earning.The interest of Uruan State Constituency has been of primary concern to him and this he has pursued vigorously for the interest of all in his State Constituency of Uruan.

In terms of oversight,Representative Aniekan Bassey has been a recurring decimal as far as this particular duty of lawmaking is concern.He has done his best for the betterment of all in Uruan State Constituency.He Was Deputy Leader of the House and Chairman House Services Committee, presently Chairman House Committee on Science and Technology and Member to several other Committees.Representative Aniekan Bassey led the House Committee on Works and Transport to erosion sites at Ndon Ebom, Mbiakong Bridge, Nung Ikot Ufok, Ibiaku Uruan, Issiet Road and Beach Market. This visit facilitated the award of contracts to fix erosion sites and construction of the beach market road.As Chairman House Services Committee, he facilitated the renovation of the Assembly Chapel, VIP Lounge, Conference Hall and others. 

In the area of empowerment,Representative Aniekan Bassey has carved a niche for himself and shall be remembered for due to his fabulous legacy in terms of human empowerment.To the lawmaker,touching the lives of his people is one of his hobbies,little wonder he has to his record of a good number of his constituents he has touched their lives and empowered in an enormous way.Uruan people shall always remember his legacy of sponsoring training programmes for his people were they were trained on tailoring,soap making and the likes,this gesture demonstrated the fact that Representative Aniekan Bassey believes intrinsically to the fact that young persons should be shown how to fish rather than giving them fish.He has facilitated the employment of 18 Uruan indigenes at Seven energy,an oil firm among several other human empowerment programmes for the good people of Uruan State Constituency.Few months ago,Representative Aniekan Bassey organized his constituency briefing and empowerment programme were he dolled out some mouth watering items from cars,mini buses,tricycles,hair dressing equipments,generating sets to support business of his constituents among others too numerous to mention.

As the 2019 elections beckons,The good people of Uruan State Constituency are in hot demand for the return of this legislative doyen to return for a second term in the hallowed chamber of Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly.He has not been found wanting in his discharge of duties as a lawmaker at any aspect.His overwhelming records and penchant for excellence has stood him out among his contemporaries.His experience in the private sector shall be brought to bear once again from 2019 to 2023 as he shall be re elected to the house of Assembly to continue in his five star performance and outstanding leadership style he has brought to Uruan State Constituency.

Uruan State Constituency needs a leader with vision,good background and foresight to represent them in the hallowed chamber of Akwa Ibom State from 2019 and all these qualities can been seen and has been seen in Hon.Aniekan Bassey alone.

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