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Monday, October 8, 2018



After reading through insecurity stories proliferating on social, print and electronic media especially after Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio defected from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the All Progressive Congress (APC), I have decided to research into these tales with a view of ascertaining if they are fabricated or real.

In this piece, as a practicing journalist, I shall not give my own opinion, rather via inferences, references, evidences, examples et al readers will deduce if cases of insecurity are caused by Akwa Ibom State Government ably piloted by Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel or it is the handiwork of mischievous and desperate politicians.

Off course, I shall not draw reference to the jail break incident at Ikot Ekpene prison which occurred a couple of days after ex Senate Minority Leader Sen. Godswill Akpabio visited the prison a year ago.

In this piece, I will not also recount cases and victims of kidnapping and assassination during the reign of Sen. Godswill Akpabio as Governor of Akwa Ibom State (2007-2015), I will rather say, may the souls of the departed rest in peace.

A couple of weeks after Senator Akpabio defected from PDP  to APC, he (through his media agent) had claimed that some hoodlums shut bullets sporadically inside his compound thereby portraying the state as being insecure. Kudos to the Nigeria Police Force who dismissed such as a flimsy kindergarten lie as was published by the respectable online newspaper, Premium TIMES.

What would have warranted such false alarm is unimagined. However, shortly after, there were cases where members of the State Chapter of All Progressive Congress via various Press Statement, SOS drew attention of the public to internal rancour within the party's leadership.

For instance, during the GOVERNORSHIP Primary of APC, Obong Kufre Etuk, A Senatorial District hopeful of the party published a gory picture of a dead body on his timeline with inscription "UKEME EKANEM URUAN KILLED BECAUSE OF APC PRIMARY". 

Mr. Utibe Ukim, an aide to Obong Nsima Ekere (winner of the Gubernatorial race) later confirmed the said killing but disagreed on the place, reason behind and other issues raised pertaining to the death of innocent father of three little children. Recall there was counter publications by family members and the community of the deceased dismissing Ekere's earlier release as lies.

Surprisingly, days after Obong Nsima EKERE won the gubernatorial primary and barely a week after the dead of the deceased, I watched on Television a supposedly assassination attempt on Ekere. 

Unlike Senator Akpabio's case where bullets were "allegedly" shot sporadically into the compound, Nsima's  was shut inside his bedroom.

As soon as I watched the clip on the Nigeria Television Authority, I went on my knee praying for forthcoming  elections to be peaceful and for Warsaw and Adolf Hitler analogy which Akpabio drew recently to be a mere illustration.

Though, NTA didn't present any evidence in its reportage like the gory picture of corpse in Uruan, on my part, I didn't bother either simply because while listening to the Network News I was also reading Children literature named "He who pays the PIPER dictates the tune."

It will take an experienced fictitious writer to visualized the kind of bullet that could penetrate bedroom of a 21st century Nigerian politician talkless of Obong Nsima Ekere who his then boss, Sen. Godswill Akpabio described as a very wealthy man.

A critic will think why those bullets were not fired on those fierce looking security men within the premises, political party supporters and other personalities invading the compound daily as baptismal class. 

Why bedroom? Why after APC GOVERNORSHIP PRIMARY where cases of assassination were reported of which Ekere's aide affirmed ONE? These are questions that  may be running in the psyche of intellectuals even without the knowledge of Police hierarchy and other "security experts".

In Ibibio Adage, it is usually said "Ke Owo isi inine atippe eyen Ndab" meaning that it is always advisable for one never to argue dream dreamt by a blind man simply because you may not know the exact time he dreamt as his eyes are perpetually closed. I don't know if such saying could be applicable in this case.

However, I was wondering why cases ranging from murder, harassment, abduction attempts and many more are predominant and exclusive in Akwa Ibom State Chapter of All Progressive Congress and its chieftains.

I recalled how Mr. Samuel Mel Ikpa, an Essien Udim State Constituency hopeful who shares same political district with Sen. Godswill Akpabio in a PRESS statement gave a graphical account of his alleged abduction and incarceration in the hands of former Senate Minority Leader for refusing to withdraw from the race.  

Senator John James Udoedehe had accused Senior Special Assistant to Mr. President on Senate matters Sen. Ita ENANG of biting and wounded his finger at the party secretariat when the material for the Gubernatorial primary arrived.

What of a dedicated member of the party, Mr. Thomas Thomas who on social media accused a stakeholder of APC of masterminding the killing of Engr. Emmanuel Asuquo whom he said was "His friend and comrade in the struggle"?

Haven't we seen incidence where the police station in Okobo was set ablazed as a result of APC PRIMARY?

As I critically examined these cases, I perceived reasons why Fathers and Mothers of Faith across the globe should fast and pray for Akwa Ibom State especially as 2019 elections approach.

If the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT owned police station could be set ablaze because of a mere primary of the ruling (FG)party, then it behooves on the party to change its name to CANNIBAL PEOPLES CONGRESS.

However, as I delved into cases of insecurity within the APC as well as tried to draw lines of similarities with that of the Peoples Democratic Party, I was disappointed as there was no similarity but differences.

While Hon. Tony Akan, Victor Udofia, Iboro Ekanem, Emmanuel Nicholas, Ekpenyong Ntekim, Ide Owodiong Idemiko  among other defeated aspirants during PDP primaries were congratulating their winning opponents, the likes of Hon. Bassey Etim of APC was said on media platforms to have announced himself winner.

 ASPIRANTS in Oruk Anam state constituency also accused Otuekong Don Etiebet of hijacking materials during primary. 

While PDP aspirants and candidates commended the party and state government for free and fair conduct of the primaries, Unfortunately, APC blamed their predicament on the leadership of their party.

Findings reveal that the present government of Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel has curb insecurity to its barest minimum when compared to the percentage of kidnapping and assassination in times past.

It behooves on the Presidency to try as much as possible to caution and if possible bring to book those that allegedly set ablaze the Police station in Okobo Local Government Area and swing into action  killer(s) of a father of three in Uruan. 

In Journalism, I think these cases are better human angle stories that need prompt attention than sporadic gunshot within the compound of a defected senator and in the bedroom of a gubernatorial candidate. 

Desperation shouldn't make politicians to embark on tales by moonlight just to score a cheap political point. Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel since from inception is known for peace, respect, humility, accountability, focussed and prayerful.

There is no barometer that could be used to compare insecurity cases between Akpabio and Udom era. Via the fruit of Udom, I think Akwa Ibom knows him thus  the reason for overwhelming support towards the realization of the governor's second term mandate.

Aside from desperate politicians, the presidency should also have desperate investigative personnel by way of security, journalism who are bent on unravelling certain mysteries. That particular lie was too childish. Please!

I'm not saying politicians and political parties shouldn't be anxious  of winning 2019, but there should be limit as it will be shameful if the international community will pen down another terrorist sect in the south South region of the country. 

There is no gain saying that from all available fact and figures, the Peoples Democratic Party is deeply rooted in Akwa Ibom state. "Federal Might" as banked upon by APC will simply won't work. Not in Akwa Ibom.

Anyone closer to President Mohammadu Buhari should advise him to at least  leave an indelible mark in Akwa Ibom State.

Just like Gen. Babangida is today remembered as one who created Akwa Ibom State, PMB should create an enabling  platform where Akwa Ibomites will remember him as the one who created space for a free and credible election amidst political scavengers, desperado.


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