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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Re: Political violence in Akwa Ibom state: Why is Governor Udom Emmanuel so silent

The All Progressives Congress Akwa Ibom state chapter issued a press release on the above subject. In the said release, they alleged that the PDP stalwarts invited to the IGP’s office recently on the very frivolous and pedestrian issue of billboards, are the “most brutal, unconscionable and dangerous politicians in the state.” For the avoidance of doubt may I list the people invited by the Inspector General of Police

H.E Otuekong Idongesit Nkanga

Obong Paul Ekpo

Rt. Hon. Barr. Onofiok Luke

Dr. Iniobong Ene Essien

Hon. Elder Imo Okon

I make bold to state that there is no single criminal charge against any or all of these people in any law court in Nigeria. 

During the reign of Otuekong Nkanga as Military Governor, our state knew absolute peace and there were no murders, assassinations and kidnappings. His reign was defined by massive infrastructure development and prudent management of resources. Till date he holds an enviable record in governance.

Obong Paul Ekpo as a commissioner in various ministries and currently the State Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party Akwa Ibom state chapter, is a very peaceful and peace loving person, who has never been involved in any violence.

Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke is a former President of the Students Union Government of the University of uyo, pioneer speaker of the Nigerian Youth Parliament, two time member of the State Assembly and currently, the Speaker of the Akwa Ibom state House of Assembly. It is on record that the Speaker was the first advocate for amnesty and disarmament of the Niger delta, during his days as Speaker of the Nigerian youth parliament. Till date there is no criminal charge of any sort hanging on his neck. 

Dr Iniobong Ene Essien is a medical doctor, who has been in practice for more than 2 decades, with a stainless record in both professional and personal lives. He’s worked with the security mint and printing company before joining the employ of the state government, in 2007 as Senior Special Assistant to the Governor and personal physician to the Governor, before being appointed by Governor Udom Emmanuel as the commissioner for Environment. All who know him, will readily attest to this gentleman’s aversion for heated arguments, not to mention violence. 

Elder Imo Okon is a medical professional whose service spans over twenty five years in different fields. He is an Elder of the Qua Iboe Church and currently serving his mandate as the Executive Chairman of uyo. Imo has never been reported or heard to have been involved in violence or it’s related activities.

We took time and space to showcase the distinguished Akwa Ibom people who are in the warped and imbecilic consideration of the faceless State Publicity Secretary of the APC, constitute the most brutal, unconscionable and dangerous politicians in the state. Well, we can understand the blindness of thought that has enveloped the author of that gibberish and his discombobulated party, as their ignoble schemes are failing daily. 

How can a party (APC)that is populated by people with an insatiable thirst for blood  and an unending depth of greed, not be scared that despite their schemes, propaganda and intimidation, the masses are still standing firmly behind the Governor and the People’s Democratic Party. The gubernatorial candidate of the APC is surrounded by characters who in the recent past have had legal, moral and spiritual questions to answer, relating to Kidnapping, murder and violent crimes.

Finally, we wish to notify the APC that intimidation has never won elections. They can not intimidate people to join them, at least not the intelligent and courageous people.If you need the Nkanga’s, Onofiok’s and the like to join you, why not woo them instead of attempting to use the police and security agencies to stampede them into submission. On the instigation for my invitation by the police, I make bold to say that, for some of us, the police station is a public place where a citizen can either go there on his own prompting or by invitation from their authority . There is therefore no fear whatsoever, if an invitation is extended to me or any other person, but be it known to the world, that no matter what happens, we will remain unbowed in our determination to demand and infact enthrone a level political play field, devoid of mundane attempts at procurement, employment and mobilization of violence or the crude resort to intimidation.

Finally, may we leave the APC and the entire world with these heavenly words contained in Psa.20: 7 “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.”


Comrade Ini Ememobong

State Publicity Secretary

People’s Democratic Party


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