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Friday, November 16, 2018


Richard Peters

Akwa Abasi Ibom state, the only state named after the most high God, is not only highly favoured by nature, but is blessed with a visionary and futuristic leader at the moment. Governor Udom Emmanuel, is a man with great foresight, and has used this rare virtue, to take us to a glorious destination. We may not have reached the destination yet, but we are not where we were yesterday. We are enroute the destination, where our sons and daughters will have equal opportunity to compete for jobs, positions, etc. We are gradually leaving a system where only one family controls the resources of an entire state, to a destination where every Akwa Ibom son and daughter has a share in the distribution of state resources. We are gradually moving from a state where people sleep with their two eyes opened, to a place where we sleep freely with our two eyes closed, even with our doors open. We are moving from a state with the highest unemployment figure to one where every citizen is industrious and productive, and this has been consolidated by the establishment of industries across the state by the present administration. Indeed, there is a massive paradigm shift in governance. 

The present leadership voyage with Gov. Emmanuel as the captain is one where God has been given His rightful place. Being a man of integrity and lover of God, he has dedicated the state and the future to God, and has even began the construction of an International Worship Center, a place where God dwells. This performance is superlative. 

Three and a half years down the lane, Akwa Ibom state has witnessed a revolution in all sectors of human endeavour. From Health to Education, Rural Development to Industrialization, Agriculture to Sports, Gov. Emmanuel has revolutionalized everything. And today, we are enroute a destination where every Akwa Ibom son and daughter will be proud of their nativity. 

Before Gov. Emmanuel assumed office in 2015, kidnapping was the order of the day. Killings that were politically motivated were rampant. Promises that were not fulfilled became the norm, and fear as well as uncertainty gripped every heart. But today, Akwa Ibom has become the peaceful state it used to be. Everyone can now go about their normal duties without fear of rancour and acrimony, or intimidation by thugs and touts.

The past administration had promised us industries in all the 31 Local Government Areas, but not even one was established. Our national dailies were inundated with pictoral elements of projects and road constructions that never existed. But the present Governor has moved leadership from a system of deception and secrecy to that of honesty and openness. This is enhanced through the yearly publication of the financial reports of the state and how resources were spent in a particular fiscal year. This, Gov. Emmanuel has consistently done, which many have described as a rarity. 

At the moment, the health sector is no longer on a life support machine. There is a massive revitalization of the sector. Over 25 containers of state-of-the art medical equipment have been procured and are being delivered to health institutions in the state. There is also construction and upgrading of secondary healthcare facilities across the state. These are in addition to the reconstruction and equipping of several General Hospitals across the state, and fully digitalized with advanced health information management system. 

Today, Akwa Ibom can boast of owning the largest Syringe Manufacturing Factory in Africa, as well as Electric Digital Metering Solution  Manufacturing Factory, which are on full operation. Let me not bother to mention the Pencil, Toothpick, Plastic and Ceramic Factories in the state. These projects are exceptional, and executed within three and a half years, in the face of dwindling economy. This is legendary. 

Today, over 20,000 youths have been trained in various skills. There is also ongoing construction of 10 modern sports centers across the state, and the reconstruction of Eket Sports Stadium . Entrepreneurs and traders in the state are beneficiaries of 2 billion Naira interest free loans. 

Moreso, the Ibom Deep Seaport project has received greater attention from the present administration. Massive work is ongoing,  with the assessments meeting International standard. 

At the moment, over 300 rural development projects have been littered across the state, with over 400 inter-ministerial rural intervention projects. Again, the construction of over 500 KM of rural feeder roads is ongoing. This shows that there is absolutely no community in Akwa Ibom that has not received the romantic touch of development executed by the present government. 

The Education sector is not left out, as there is free and compulsory basic education policy ongoing in public schools;taking over 7 community secondary schools to be fully funded by the state government; construction and renovation of 62 school blocks and strategic intervention in tertiary institutions, to mention but a few. 

What does the future hold for our dear state? With the aggressive developmental and industrialization drive of Governor Emmanuel, Akwa Ibom will be the destination of some sort, to Nigerians and foreigners. With the level of peace enjoyed so far, investors and expatriates will have no fear whatsoever to come and invest in the state. This way, our youths will be employed and our children will boast of a place they can proudly call home. 

With the recent presentation of the 2019 Appropriation Bill to the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, the government is set to take the state to a height that other states of the federation will be envious of. It takes a man of good conscience and integrity to bring such development to the state,  despite the lean resources at his disposal. 

If other state Governors we had, had done half of what Gov. Emmanuel has done, Akwa Ibom would have been miles away from its destination. However, with the aggressive zeal and devotion to service of Gov. Emmanuel, we will surely get there. 

It is time for all Akwa Ibom son and daughter to rise in good faith and support the governor to complete the good works he started in 2015. This is the only way to consolidate our democracy and the industrialization agenda of Gov. Emmanuel. 

Posterity will not forgive Akwa Ibomites if they fail to stand by righteousness and light, and instead embrace unrighteousness and darkness. 

2019 general election will be between light and darkness, deceit and truthfulness, honesty and dishonesty, peace and war, development and under-development. 

There is a future for our children if we all stand by Gov. Emmanuel. There is hope of employment for graduates of the state if we vote for the PDP. Our destination will be guaranteed if we vote for continuity. This is our collective assignment. 

If you can see the future, then Udom Emmanuel is the answer. If you want the peace in the state to be sustained, then Udom Emmanuel must be given another chance.This is our mandate. Forward ever, backward never.

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