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Thursday, November 22, 2018


Aniekeme Finbarr

The name Victor Adere popularly known with the stage name Victor AD may not resonate loudly in the Nigerian music scene.  The Delta State musician is one of the latest afropop sensations strutting the music sphere like a colossus. His latest hit, 'Wetin We Gain' has received rave reviews, air play, acceptance and what Nigerians fondly call street credibility. 

Apparently, the song has gone viral for its radical departure from the norm of poor lyrics and vulgar words. It is a very contemporary song, spiced with unique beats and most importantly motivational lyrics. It is a song that reflects on the prospects of making money, living a good life and the consequences of not having money.

Victor ponders on life's choices, the choices of failure and success, of moving forward or going backwards, of being rich or remaining in penury. 

Oluwa magbegbe mi

I want all this money

I no wan take the same step wey I take last year wey no work for me oh

Lord as I dey grind, I dey hustle

Bless me with this money

Lord na your hand I dey

I say make you run am for me oh


If we no make money

Wetin we gain o? (Wetin we gain?)

My brother wetin we gain (Wetin we gain?)

If we no buy the benz

Wetin we gain? (Wetin we gain?)

My brother Wetin we gain? (Wetin we gain?)

If we no get control

Wetin we gain? (Wetin we gain?)

My brother wetin we gain? (Wetin we gain?)

If we no make money

Wetin we gain o? (Wetin we gain?)

My brother wetin we gain (Wetin we gain?)

Victor recommends the better option, the more pleasurable outcome, afterall in his opinion, what do we gain from chosing failure? What do we gain from stagnation? What do we gain from pleasing others and grinning in lack?  Wetin we gain?

Choices are the hinges of destiny. John Maxwell puts it better, "Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.” 

There is an inescapable choice Akwa Ibom people have to make in early 2019. That is chosing between Udom Emmanuel, current Governor of the state and Nsima Ekere, former deputy Governor of the state who resigned "for personal reasons" one year and six months after being elected in 2012.

Both men are well known to Akwa Ibom people and both are expected to convince the people on how they will bring industries and create jobs while adding value in other sectors. 

There is a choice to make between Udom and Nsima. Ekere, a graduate of Estate Management had in 2011 made a mouth watering promise of creating 31 industries in 31 Local Government Areas, not one single industry was creating within that period. As MD of NDDC, his record has not improved in that regard.

Another choice is Udom Emmanuel, an investment and finance expert who in 2015 promised job creation and can boasts of atleast 10 industries, new hospitals, new roads and several strides in other sectors. 

There is a choice to make between a peace lover, an unpretentious christian and a war monger who publicly receives a souvenir containing guns, daggers and knives. 

There is a choice to make between the right man who builds good roads with side drains and the ONE who builds roads that do not last beyond six months.

There is a choice between the ONE who does not tolerate opposing views and the right man who allows for free speech and the opposition to use public infrastucture.

There is a choice to make between the right man who reduces taxes for public transporters and the ONE whose only achievement as deputy Governor was to send commercial motorcyclists back to the village without any alternative. 

There is a choice to make between the ONE who promised industries, 31 of them and couldn't attract any either as AKIPOC chairman or deputy Governor and the right man whose other name is industries.

Let me stress here that it is not as if Nsima Ekere or say his then principal and current supporter -in -chief, Godswill Akpabio CON hate Akwa Ibom people and would not love to build industries, they simply did not know and still do not know how to go about it.

Industrialization is not about what money or more money can do. Creating businesses and jobs is a novel enterprise, you must master it, know it, earn the trust of the key players, possess sufficient integrity and character to attract big investments. Industrialization is not for people who are more interested in bagging chieftaincy titles across the country and awards from any body who can print one. 

If it were estate management, valuation, rents, letting and leasing property, Mr Nsima Ekere is on top of that game. In fact, he has a big reputation for acquiring very large parcels of land in Uyo and other cities. One houses a struggling beer parlour business along Brooks Street while another serves as his campaign grounds along Edet Akpan Avenue. He actually does not know what to use the latter. No business idea. 

So, like Victor AD sings, what do we gain if we elect the ONE who intends to disrupt the zoning arrangement that has brought peace and tranquility in the state?

What do we gain if we bring back the man who ran away from the mandate he was last given as deputy Governor and till today has not been able to explain?

What do we gain if we fall 'mugu' to the fake promise that the ONE will do only one term and hand over to Uyo Senatorial District?

What do we gain if we lose the current peace and prosperity and return to the years of kidnapping and killings?

If we no elect Udom, my people, wetin we gain?

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