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Thursday, November 22, 2018


The Akwa Ibom State Youth Caucus have observed with total consternation the recent invasion of Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly ( AKHA) by APC youths who are running agency and chore for their State apparatchiks. Thus, we have resolved to state our position as follows:-

1. The miscalculated attempts by the five lawmakers whose seats were recently declared vacants by the leadership of the State House of Assembly, to see it as a  smokescreen to cause political upheaval is totally condemned.

2. Having been partnering with His Excellency, Governor Udom Emmanuel to create an egalitarian society where we are now enjoying preponderance peace, equality, dignity & harmony, we shall not fold our arms to see APC in their desperation to grasp power through forceful takeover, & worst still, using regimented youths &  charlatans to cause political mayhem with the intention to have a replica of the Rivers State Saga, where one time CP Joseph Mbu was a willing tool in the hands of desperate politicians to advance their inordinate ambitions to the detriment of the masses against the ethics of security as apolitical & non-partisan organization.

3  In the light of the above, we want to specifically commend the role of the Nigerian police, Akwa Ibom State Command for exhibiting a degree of professionalism & mien of civility with a view to maintaining law & order since the beginning of political logjam in the House of Assembly.

4. We also commend the doggedness & sense of uncommon courage displayed by the legitimate leadership of AKHA led by Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke for standing on the side of justice & acting in accordance with the principles of rule of law.

5. The fact that the Speaker of AKHA, Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke evoked the provision of section 109(2) which empowers him to declare vacants the seats of those infringed upon by section 109 (g) has not foreclosed the window & liberty to seek a redress in a court of second instance. However, the society is expecting the five lawmakers to responsibly do the needful rather than engaging delinquents & irate youths to cause brigandage in a State that is generally noted for prevailing peace.

 6. It is most laughable the delusion by self acclaimed speaker for only five members - Hon. Nse Ntuen to subject himself into public ridicule, contempt & odium just because of acting the script & political idea of feudal lords that tactically wants to install their surrogates & possibly, promote hegemonic system.

7. For us as the reform - minded youths who are driven by sense of responsibility, mental aptitude & pious, we see the threat to peace orchestrated by the APC leaders in the State in collaboration with external force at the centre to cause political disharmony in the State with the aimed at gaining political advantage for manipulation & implementation of jackboot governance, repression & monarchical system as emperically demonstrated in Lagos State where an individual is greater than the State & also run governmental affairs like an empire show & always determine the political destiny of the people.

8. As law abiding citizens, we wish to strongly advice the idle youths groomed by APC for the next elections to refrain from political thuggery & hooliganism in a State where industrialization renaissance has taken place through the determination of Governor Udom Emmanuel to retool the youths & meaningfully engage them for self reliance & productivity.

9. Since the legislature is the guardian angel of our democratic values, we respectfully charged the honourable lawmakers not to act dishonourably by breaking & taking laws into their hands because history will not forgive their role.

10. The current leadership of Akwa Ibom State Youth under the cubicle of Mr. Aniefiok Iwaudofia has successfully raised our consciousness in Godliness & orderliness & as such, youths are no longer instrument of distabilization & brutality. Instead, we have been graciously given enabling atmosphere by Gov. Udom Emmanuel to thrive with unending possibilities & unlimited opportunities.

11. We wish to use this forum to thank His Excellency, Gov. Udom Emmanuel for being focused & unintimidated in the face of provocative situations.

12. Lastly, as we navigate towards 2019, we wish to reaffirm our unflinching support to Gov. Udom Emmanuel based on his superlative performance & very instructively, for creating the environment for the people to sleep with their two eyes close in a State where the opposing gladiators are clamouring for war & using federal might as oppressive tool for intimidation & suppression.


Comrade Linus Effiong

State Publicity Secretary

Always Ibom State Youth Caucus


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