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Friday, November 2, 2018

Press release 

Obasanjo’s visit to Akwa Ibom: APC’s senseless spin

The visit of the former President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo to Akwa Ibom and his subsequent endorsement of our party’s candidate, Governor Udom Emmanuel has given the APC in the state sleepless nights and rather than bear the pain quietly, they choose to play the outdated wooing strategy, “if you can’t have her, destroy her”. The same Chief Obasanjo whom their chieftains sought his endorsement in times past and continue to seek till date. The same Chief Obasanjo that a desperate Nsima Ekere and Akpabio groveled before in 2007 seeking his endorsement is the man they are sponsoring abuses on today. The duo practically relocated to Abuja and had domestic aides of Baba on their speed dial and pay roll. Otta farm and Abeokuta became a worship center visited regularly by them. Not just that, after the inconclusive nominations in 2007, it was a Chief Obasanjo that came to the rescue. Instead of allowing the rerun as was the regulation at that time, Chief Obasanjo through the national party apparatus intervened , allowing Chief Akpabio to fly the flag of the party. To this, Chief Akpabio during his reign openly thanked the Ex- President and received him several times in the state. But today, that same Chief Obasanjo must be abused and vilified. We will leave out the various life saving interventions that OBJ undertook in the lifetime of the immediate past administration. Oh then, they didn’t remember that he had issues with the state during the onshore/offshore dichotomy debate. 

I know that the author of that imbecilic spin may not have been aware of the reliance that the people ( his party chieftains) he sought to defend have in Chief Obasanjo. We can also safely assume that the author and his sponsors are not aware of the critical role that OBJ played in the birthing of the current APC led federal government. They will not know because they were members of the PDP then( but their hearts and spirits were in APC, so they should know). May I respectfully urge them to read old newspapers or use online resources to read about the role of OBJ in 2015. When they are done with that homework, we will ask them to write an article on the topic “ OBJ: Sought after yesterday but scorned today- the story of Nsima Ekere and Godswill Akpabio. 

Our little advice to the APC, especially those who brand themselves as nationalists, is that in politics, geographic boundaries are not impregnable as spheres of influence clearly transcend them. No level of denial by the APC can derogate from the gargantuan influence that Chief Obasanjo has earned. 

The PDP in the state is grateful for Baba’s visit and we were blessed by his sermon about the attributes which God shares with man. The worshippers in church and the positive minded electorates who watched through various media, accepted the message and are implementing it. We apologise to Baba for the uncouth language (To Hell with Obasanjo) used in the said release. It’s a sign of their warped mindset and questionable history. 

The APC should read Psalms 3:1- 3, while we assure the world that our Governorship candidate and the incumbent Governor of Akwa Ibom state Mr. UDOM Emmanuel will not rely on the physical( federal might), but will continue to rely on God alone and when the result is out, we shall be more than conquerors.

We wish all Akwa Ibom people (APC members inclusive) a happy new month.


Comrade Ini Ememobong, ANIPR

State Publicity Secretary 

People’s Democratic Party

Akwa Ibom State Chapter


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