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Wednesday, December 12, 2018


By- Otobong Sampson, Uyo 

Those who are picking out Governor Udom Emmanuel for finally reacting to the senseless criticisms and many jibes  directed at him and his administration by his predecessor are simply nattering nabobs with reprehensible morals. A former governor of the state, Mr. Godswill Akpabio has, since his defection to the All Progressive Congress assumed a new pastime - taking inelegant swipes at a man who had thoroughly regarded him even in the face of extreme provocations.

Perhaps provoked to breaking point, now the governor is dishing clapbacks and withering comebacks. He is accused of ingratitude by Akpabio's medieval court jesters, yet not even one of them thinks their master is guilty of provocation. The Bible in Ephesians 6:4 admonishes fathers not to provoke their children to anger. Colossians 3:21 also cautions: 'Father, do not embitter your children, or they will become discouraged'. 

At first, they thought the governor was incapable of challenging the 'great teacher'. How wrong! Apparently, Mr. Akpabio has been overrated and his influence - exaggerated. 

His successor deserves many kudos for the level of tolerance he has shown towards a man infamously known for his overbearing attitudes; not knocks for speaking up in defense of his person and his administration. There's no wrong in fitting issues into proper perspectives. For whatever gratitude there is, respect should be mutual. You can't run a man down and not expect his opinion of you to go down by many degrees. 

The people are glad that Governor Emmanuel is finally 'talking'. They are backing him to talk more. Civility isn't timidity. Courtesy can't be poltroonery. It is nauseating mischief for cheerers to emerge when the former senate minority leader throws words carelessly at his successor and governor of the state but shout hoarse when the latter replies in equal measure. 

If Udom owes Akpabio gratitude for playing a role in his emergence as governor in 2015, then the former governor has a debt of gratitude also to repay the incumbent for having his eight years mess cleaned up and covered up. Whoever is proficient at uttering taunting words should be smart enough to expect a corresponding response. 

There's no doubt that Mr. Emmanuel is a man of fine words and of even finer deeds. Refined in attitude and resplendent in character, he is simply unmatched by his predecessor in finesse.

To his credit too, he has remained largely apathetical to the many incitations by the APC leaders which include recklessly daring schemes to belittle his office and undermine his government. All through his time as Akwa Ibom governor, Akpabio didn't permit a fraction of even corrective criticism. He still does not look like a man who would. The All Progressive Congress governorship candidate is cut in this same undemocratic mould. 

If the intent has always been to rile his successor, the senator has rather inadvertently affirmed the long-held premise that he obsessively craves power...that he would rather not exist than stay on the periphery of power. 

Mr. Emmanuel is rendering quality service and offering great leadership which has taken the state up the stairway of development and economic growth. His works have been brave and challenging in other to bring change. He brings energy to governance, deploying in a bespoke manner the appropriate expertise and making the presence of his competence shine. It is immoral for Akpabio to attempt to hold the governor to impossible standards when he wasn't held to same during his moments. 

Even as an aspiring comedian which he has repeatedly admitted to being, he can go about his politicking without resorting to unsavory remarks and sly innuendos at his successor. The governor isn't responsible for Akpabio's political itinerancy and he shouldn't bear the brunt of that ruinous wandering.

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