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Thursday, February 21, 2019


Newly Commissioned Ibom Aircraft 

By Udeme Etukeyen

Today Akwa Ibom State in South South Nigeria made history as the first state to promote and invest in an airline as catalyst for sustained economic growth, business enablement and positioning of Nigeria as a towering economic gateway for Africa.

This feat has thrown up deep insights into the efficient and strategic leadership coming out of the Oil Rich State that holds the promise of an evolving Deep SeaPort, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul facility, numerous agricultural processing and cultivation in Cocoa, Coconuts, Oil Palm, Rice, Cassava and Vegetables. The existing tourism and manufacturing opportunities are about to be fully harnessed; launching the State as the Investment Destination of choice within the Continent.

Air Transport or Aviation is known to facilitate a country’s integration into the global economy, providing direct benefits for users and wider economic benefit via direct impact on performance and productivity(

The success story of Dubai has the Emirates Airlines as the fulcrum or foundation to which tourism, businesses and enhanced technological exploits sits.

Akwa Ibom today enjoys an average of 200,000 passenger traffic annually with greater growth potential with the arrival of 2 units of the State financed CRJ 700 Bombardier aircrafts awaiting a 3rd in a week, another in the last quarter of 2019, 3 units in 2020 and 3 more in 2021 to fully optimize her regional prominence in the aviation industry for the brand new Ibom Air.

Emphasis on promoting the State as an economic gateway has remained the focus of the Governor UDOM Emmanuel agenda which has recorded catapulted progress on the Ibom Deep SeaPort, Ibom Industrial City and several Industrialization efforts that has seen to improved production and distribution of Electricity to fuel the 15 new Industries dotting the economic landscape of the State.

Ibom Air in its beauty and right shall be providing 300-400 direct employment of skilled personnel leveraging Government commitment to its efficient business and corporate governance structures. Funding had been carefully structured through 3year budgetary provisions with options of attracting investment resources as increased service frequency of 3 flights between the Cities of Lagos and Abuja blossoms.

Direct bearing on the Logistics, Hospitality, ICT is rife as Connection to major cities within the economically viable South East and South South States remains a key success factor for the airline whose planes are all within the 10yr age bracket.

Economic rates of return from aviation industry analysis indicates a direct correlation between increased GDP, Airline Connectivity and annual ROIs of 16-59% and a surge in productivity of the populace.

It implies therefore that the significant benefits of this investment will influence every sphere of economic activity with the region and better position the State for further investments in the aviation sector like the MRO, Cargo Services bearing direct impact on the longterm economic explosion that beckons.

This is spirit lifting news from Nigeria at a time as this and we stand Optimistic that greatness awaits Akwa Ibom and all of Africa!!


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