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Thursday, March 21, 2019

N1.7bn Loan for CCTV Cameras: Critic's Ignoratio Elenchi - Tom Fredfish

The accelerated approval given by Akwa Ibom state parliamentarians for Governor Udom Emmanuel to obtain a loan facility of N1.728 billion to install Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) in Uyo metropolis has shown the preparedness of the State's assemblymen to work in sync with the governor's completion agenda.

Given the industrial takeoff and anticipated influx of investors to the state, the installation of CCTV in the state capital, Uyo is a way of securing the many investments on its way and encouraging foreign investors to Akwa Ibom state. Since Mr. Udom assumed office, insecurity in Akwa Ibom state has reduced to its barest minimum, however, securing the state for the good days ahead is inevitable that is why the government intends to install the CCTV cameras in Uyo metropolis - which would house multinational corporations and expatriates.

Recent findings shows that insecurity is one of the reasons why foreign investors shun Nigeria especially the south south region known for youth restiveness. Just last week, Mr. Udom inspected the 21 storey building complex which is intended for offices of multinational companies in the state. The project which is at it's 20th floor is expected to be commissioned by December 2019. If this plan succeeds, Akwa Ibom state will host major players in international economics as well as corporate bodies and personalities.

A CCTV system allows the use of video cameras to monitor the interior and exterior of properties, streets and areas, transmitting signals to a monitor or set of monitors for security purposes.

Thus, the relevance of its installation in Uyo is not out of place looking at the bigger picture as well as the advantages it attracts. Critics have picked hole at the decision of the governor to secure loan for the project citing debt profile of the state which they have no idea about and the exigencies of other projects such as street lights, better educational system and the fight against HIV/AIDS.

As modest as these critics, wants to sound, their opinionation on that issue is beclouded with fallacy of irrelevant conclusion, also known as ignoratio elenchi or better used, missing the point. They presented arguments that may sound valid but failed to address the issues in question by admitting the importance of the CCTV but questioning the timing.

To crush their arguments is not to call them names but to appeal that they seek the assistance of a guide to tutor them that technology has gone beyond the compulsory requirement of having functional streets lights before CCTV must be installed as there are existence of CCTV cameras which requires no light such as the Thermal Cameras which picks up footages by using heat to distinguish people and things, hence can see clearly in absolute darkness and in daylight.

I will not want to bore some of these critics with facts and figures about Governor Udom massive investment in education because at times, critics "only wants to see or write what they only want to see or write" at their conveniences. But the argument that no one will raise an eyebrow if governor Udom obtained a whopping N1.7bn to fight HIV is antithetical to the constitutional enshrined freedom of private life of Akwa Ibom citizens as no amount of public awareness can be done in environment devoid of peace and security and especially when one's libido is involved.

Away from critics. The many benefits of the CCTV cameras are enormous. With the total control of security apparatus by the APC-led Federal government as seen before, during and after the 2019 general elections, installing CCTV Cameras in Akwa Ibom state will assist the PDP-controlled Akwa Ibom state to deter criminal activities as prevention of crimes has been adjudged as the best method of policing any society.

It's installation will also provide Akwa Ibom people with increased sense of security and reassurances that criminal activities are being monitored as well as discourage criminal elements. Apart from the fact that it would encourage a great deal of investments to the state, it is also cost effective compared to the human and material lost, if the metropolis is left in the hands of the federal government security agencies who have too much on their hands and can barely secure themselves.

Put together, there is no better way to secure the future of Akwa Ibom people as enunciated in Mr. Udom Emmanuel's completion agenda than investment in the CCTV project which acts as a comfort blanket - giving Akwa Ibom people the freedom to get on with life with confident, that their security and investments are guaranteed in totality. Thus, it is safe to conclude that no amount of projects undertaken by Mr. Udom Emmanuel would be compared to securing the lives and properties of Akwa Ibom people.

The CCTV project is a hat-trick!

 _Dr. Tom FredFish is a public affairs analyst_

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