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Saturday, May 18, 2019


Given the strident insistence by Akwa-Ibom APC that the state INEC REC compromised against them;  can they kindly answer the following :

1.Were results written before the election day or on election day ? 

2. If before or on election day  and they were in charge of security agencies, how many people did they arrest? 

3. Did Igini hold any meeting with any of the candidates in person or through intermediaries to do any favour for anyone? 

4. Is it even possible for one man who was never at the 2,980 polling units to determine the electoral outcome for a political party? And yet since the accusation of compromise or collusion no single evidence has been brought forward

5. Did all political parties not participate  in the open distribution of sensitive  election materials  at CBN, Uyo and were  these materials not at all polling units? 

6. Did people actually vote? 

7. Were their votes counted and result entered into the original result sheets at every polling unit? 

8. Were party agents given duplicate copies of the result sheets entered in the presence of all? 

9. Did Akwa Ibom APC attemt to bribe Igini but failed?

10. When they wailed that Igini deployed PDP members as ad-hoc staff and Igini called leaders of all the political parties to look at the list of ad-hoc staff so as to point out any PDP members on the list, did they spot anyone?

11.Is it a fact that unlike 2015 when the current APC political warlords in Akwa-Ibom  were in PDP, they only allocated Buhari 5% of votes in the Presidential  election, but in 2019 when the Akwa-Ibom  people genuinely  voted for Buhari he got over 36% of votes above the minimum  required constitutional  25% threshold and performing better than some of the warlords locally?    

13. Does relocation  of 22 polling units from private homes and bushes to public accessible  places for voters amount to compromise?

14. How do the APC political  warlords in Akwa-Ibom  state explain fielding a  Gubernatorial  candidate  who cannot win in his own Ward, LGA, Fed.constituency, Senatorial  zone in both first and second phase elections  and yet expect to win?
15. Does Akwa lbom APC think that Nigerians and the Presidency can be deceived by their antics and move the federal government against an innocent public spirited and committed REC who has verifiable records of integrity?

How then was INEC in Akwa Ibom compromised?

Rev Richard Peters is a Priest and a  good governance advocate

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