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Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Ekparawa. Ephraim Inyang


Barely few minutes, after a successful swearing in of Commissioners and Special Advisers, Thursday, last week by His Excellency, the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel, the Commissioners have been assigned   portfolios, over which, few Commissioners were reassigned to their former offices.

Be that as it were, one of the commissioners, who made this list was Akparawa Ephraim Inyangeyen, and was reassigned to the Ministry of Works. His  reassignment however, has raised political dust of recent. Many questions have been asked, and many are still asking the questions hence, my focus in this piece will be to try as much as possible to answer  these questions. Perhaps, one may wonder how l come about these answers. This is how!

It was on Monday, July 15, when the whole Dakkada Secretariate Annex, along Udoudoma Avenue, characterized with feelings and intense excitements and happiness, as the Honourable Commissioner in charge of Works, Akparawa Ephraim Inyangeyen, drove into the arena with his entourage to resume work. He (Commissioner Inyangeyen) was immediately received by the Acting Permanent Secretary, a host of Directors and staff of the Ministry, and was led to a Solemn Assembly / Thanksgiving Service organized in his honuor by the staff of the Ministry. It was there l heard about the untold story of Akparawa Ephraim Inyangeyen.

Before we continue, let us briefly, consider Commissioner Inyangeyen reassignment to the Ministry of Works.

Infrastructural development the world over, is considered a key sector in any economy, and the reason is obvious! This is one sector that drives every other sector. Any developed economy is traditionally rooted in road infrastructure development, because it provides the locus for stimulating the growth of every other activity, for instance, industries. Functioning industries all over the world, are supported by world class infrastructure. That is why, when Ephraim lnyangeyen's performance was examined in the last four years, he was not found lacking in interpreting this vision thus, his reassignment to the Ministry.

No wonder Pastor Ubong Akpan, in a religious discourse titled, 'Divine Assignment', has this to say during the Thanksgiving Service; "Akparawa Ephraim Inyangeyen was chosen and ordained from the womb to be a prophet to this state in a time such as this, to do great exploits. He added, "Akwa Ibom State is just a testing destination for you to move to a higher level".

The clergy, who is also a Director in the ministry, urged Commissioner Akparawa Ephraim Inyangeyen, never to be afraid of the many challenges that may come his way, while answering the call to serve his father land, saying that, the good Lord, who have called him will always give him (Inyangeyen) His backings.

Many who spoke at the event were the Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Mrs. Idongesit Usen, Director, Civil Directorate, Mr. Akaninyene Henry, Director, Electrical Directorate, Mr. Ubong Akpan, and a host of other Directors in the Ministry. Others include, Mr. Edidiong Udo, and Mrs. Grace Umana, who spoke on behalf of the unior staff and senior staff of the Ministry respectively. P A to the Honourable Commissioner, Mr. Nkanga Nkanga, the immediate passed S A to the Governor on Research and Documentation, Mr. Emmanuel Nicholas, the Information Officer, Mrs Ubong Ntekim, a representative of Onna community in Lagos, among several other persons also spoke.

Here is what they said about Apkarawa Ephraim Inyangeyen:

Commission Inyangeyen is one public servant, who has a focused sense of urgency and he always anticipate positive change. More often than not, he will look to the horizon for opportunity with a view to improve on his assignment. In his schedule of work, there is nothing like complacency, they said. Inyangeyen, usually sees beyond what others would consider as limitations,  he also has what they called, 'an anything-is-possible mindset'.

He actively weaves accountability into the fabric of his work culture, the people said. Commissioner lnyangeyen is known for delegating  responsibility down the change of command in the Ministry, and will always gives decision making capability to frontline directors, as well as, provide them resources needed for rapid execution of work. 

They also said that, Akparawa Ephraim Inyangeyen does not waste time on activities that cannot be measured, adding that, every now and then, Commissioner Inyangeyen will set a clear time-bound vision and will communicate same regularly to his staff. Information, they said is disseminated quickly within the Ministry, and he (Inyangeyen) will make sure that he involved his staff in every planning he does in the Ministry.

According to them, once the Commissioner has the vision well defined, he must make sure that he stayed on the course, as long as the mandate of his office supports it. If it does not support, he is bound to adjust and readjust until it is sync with his Ministry's vision and mission, perhaps, that is why he is embodying a quality service delivery approach.

One trait they have found in Commissioner Inyangeyen, according to them, is that, he always bounced back from attack stronger than how he was before the attack. They also added that, Akparawa Ephraim Inyangeyen usually tackled challenges head-on and often takes the fight to God whom he serves whole heartedly. He self-correct quickly and adapt before problems become unmanageable.

He never allows nor rewards mediocrity. They also said that, performance expectations in the Ministry are clearly defined, and he always recognizes and rewards above-and-beyond behavior. According to the Works' Ministry staff, Ephraim Inyangeyen, defines excellence as a constant pursuit of perfection, adding that, he never satisfied with the status quo.

On why he has achieved so much during his first term, the people said, he is one administrator, who never gets tired, while at work either he is in the office or in the field, always on the go, ahead of anyone else in his team. He is always well-prepared, a disciplined gentleman, who is courageous and always ready to embrace change, and a culture founded on trust and accountability.

They said, in different occasions, Ephraim Inyangeyen has showed courage in the face of unimaginable obstacles, stressing that, he has thrive in adversity and is never out of the fight because his focus is always on how Akwa Ibom can be developed. 

While praying the Almighty God to continue to lavish him with His sufficiency in order to see him through the onerous task ahead of his assignment, the staff of the Ministry of Works also expressed gratitude to the state Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel for deeming it fit to return Ephraim lnyangeyen back to the Ministry of works, even as they pledged their continuous support and loyalty to lnyangeyen's leadership in the Ministry. 

The Works Commissioner, Akparawa Ephraim Inyangeyen has, in his response, promised his staff a good working relationship, and urged them to always endeavour to exemplify absolute commitment to their assigned duties with a view to engender quality service delivery in the Ministry. He however, expressed optimism that, with God on their side, they will deliver on their mandate.

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