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Monday, July 8, 2019


Richard Peters; Uyo

One thing that is so common about the APC is that the party is an assemblage of liars. Its foundation is rooted in falsehood, its members are certified liars and its stock in trade is to vomit all forms of lies even when truth is starring them in the face. But one thing that we cannot change is that no matter how convincing a lie is, the truth will always prevail in the end.

I have read their recent can of lies, and could not find anything that looks like truth, not even half truth. They bragged about mountains of documents as if their victory lies in it. Carrying bags of documents around is part of their punishment for trying to distract Akwa Ibom people. So, it shouldn't call for celebration but weeping on the part of the APC. I have also perceived in their piece the anger they have against Mr Mike Igini, Akwa Ibom Resident Electoral Commissioner(REC), even when he was not one of the candidates in the election. They have left everything else and continue to attack him. Of course, the reasons are obvious.

Before we go to the reasons which are below, let us unmask  their recent lies on the social media and ask :
Why do they continue to make Mike Igini an issue when he was not on the ballot paper in 2019 election?

According to their write-up, they boasted of putting before the tribunal  "volumes of documents " or mountain of tendered documents" But would that automatically  annul election victory in the Tribunal ? In other words, do  volumes of documents or mountain of tendered  documents and the opinion of people who saw them amount to electoral victory in the tribunal. They should go into trial first before this premature celebrations.

On the lie about disobedience of court order. Again this is false, the order for the inspection of election material by the tribunal was never disobeyed by INEC in Akwa Ibom, and no one has ever brought evidence that Mike Igini in any form directed any of the staff of INEC to obstruct the court order. On the contrary and for the records, Nsima Ekere  obtained an Ex parte order, that by its nature  has a lifespan of seven days which they didn't turn up within the time frame. At the time of the expiration of the Order, they came to the Commission's headquarters in Uyo and at that time, their opponent, the PDP also brought their own Order. INEC legal officers advised Apc that by virtue of section 77, application seeking inspection would be okay given that it's exparte order had lapsed. If they were not availed opportunity to inspect election materials  and ctc of same obtained , how were they able to make photocopies of the heaps of documents and volumes that have amounted to what they described as "mountains of documents they're  boasting they have tendered before the court? If they were not availed of the opportunity to have access to election materials for inspection, how did they get those documents?

Moreover, they talked about cost. They said Mike Igini gave them prohibitive cost. Let us  be clear here: ls Mike Igini  INEC ?  Nationwide in all public institutions  like INEC,  public documents as all lawyers know very well, ctc of documents are obtained  after  payment of official fees. When you apply for Ctc, you pay for it, and it is N10 per page according to our investigation.  That money is paid to the account unit of the Commission and you're issued a receipt for every document you pay for. This is applicable to all agencies in Nigeria. You must pay for certified copies, and the money goes directly to the treasury and not to the officer who is in charge of the agency. Why drag the name  Mike Igini name to the mud over a known common practice in government agencies.  He has nothing to do with the prohibitive cost they're talking about. Where you make photocopies, it is at your own cost, and you're charged by the owner of the photocopying machine. INEC requested all parties to bring their photocopier machines  and whatever was the cost of photocopying documents from 28 out of 31 LGAs would normally be borned by litigants. In anycase, is it the N10 per page of ctc they are complaining about or cost of photocopy  ? Let them tell the public. If its cost of photocopy they should be asked if they paid the money to Mike Igini. They should tell the public the truth and stop dragging Igini's name to the mud.

On allegation that  Mike Igini opposed the inspection of materials repeated severally that is a lie from the pit of hell. It should be noted, the commissioner from reports in the dailies showed that  he was not even physically present all through the period of inspection of materials  because of his engagements  in election mission in South Africa and Malawi where he delivered  lectures days before the elections . Can anyone of them say that he met Igini one day or heard that he directed one INEC staff to oppose the inspection of those documents?
INEC  lawyers have a duty to raise  objections  over dubious and questionable result sheets from polling units, wards and LGAs  where election materials were hijacked where there were no election and  results  but Nsima Ekere/APC claimed they have results even in places where elections were  cancelled. How could you have results for areas where election was cancelled?

INEC has a legitimate duty  to say let us see those results you are talking about.

Therefore, INEC in view of their lies that they were not availed the opportunity to inspect the election materials, came out with a register for election materials inspection with date and time. Parties involved jointly came to INEC office to inspect those materials as assigned by them. INEC also wanted to do video recording but they objected to the video recording. why did they object to the video recording of what they were inspecting? Because they had an evil motive. Now we know the truth.

On allegation of "working with AG of Akwa lbom" . From all available records, Mike Igini has no contact whatsoever with the Attorney General of Akwa Ibom State. Infact,  Igini  does not know him, whether  tall, short, fair, dark, slim or fat. He does not even have his telephone number. So how would Igini be conniving with someone he doesn't know  to frustrate their court case?  This is another lie from the pit of hell.

Very ridiculous and laughable is the claim by  Nsima Ekere that documents that are tendered in the Tribunal are against Igini's wish? This is insanity . How could that be when it is  the same INEC that gave Nsima and the APC  the document? Except for all those results they wrote by themselves, which they decided to bring but could not on election day. Anytime they bring those fake results before the Tribunal, there's no way INEC lawyers would  object. Remember they claimed then that  they won 26 Local Government Areas which obviously were pre-written election results they wanted to smuggle in to substitute genuine out results of the verdict of the people of Akwa lbom state that lgini did not allow. This is the main reason they declared  Igini  an enemy. They planned to bomb his official vehicle and eliminate him as contained in the leaked audio recording. Mr. Igini himself confirmed it in an interview two weeks ago that those who planned to kill him are still walking free. They wanted him out of Akwa lbom state at all cost to pave for the rigging of the election but God was on the throne and his Grace was upon lgini to conduct the election and thus liberated the people of Akwa lbom state from Nsima Ekere and Akpabio planned manipulation of the 2019 election.  If Igini was removed just as they were fighting to remove him, a  REC within the Zone that they were working with would have taken over and rig the election for them. In due cause, the name of this REC  who is planning to run for office soon would  be public for the Nigerian people. They were working with him so that when he's deployed to Akwa Ibom, he will manipulate the election results in their favor. So you can see that their hatred against Igini was because he didn't succumb to their financial inducement. Igini stood his ground and conducted a free and fair election, and thus gave our people a voice to determine our representatives.

It would be unkind to this man, Mike lgini who  practically risked his life for the electoral liberation of our people that will all keep quite and allow the worst sets of individuals in our state to continue to abuse,  demonize a good man who stood on the side of the common people and the overwhelming majority of our people when it matter most to us. Since after 1998 elections, 2019 is the only time that Akwa lbom people saw ballot papers in polling units because the Rec made that solemn commitment and kept it in a country littered with broken and unfulfilled promises of leaders. Posterity will not forgive us if we allow these greedy and selfish people who wanted to sell  Akwa lbom to their political friends if we fail to engage these charlatans. If we don't public official of the like of lgini in future Will not stand for us because he will be a referent example of one who stood by us but was abused,  hounded and abandoned by our people. Akwa  Ibom  people should rise up. It is not for Mike Igini, they should speak out in defense of what they experienced for the first after a very long time brought about by the man, Mike lgini, the son of man.

The APC  lied that several sets of card readers used for the elections were found with Ejike. Not true. He was with only 4 empty card readers that were used for training before he took ill.

Finally, this is a Notice to all Akwa lbom people and  Nigerians; that Akpabio and Nsima Ekere are now on propaganda mode . They will continue to use social media unrestrained platforms to  tell  lies upon lies because this is their stock in trade. Akwa Ibom people should not relent in fighting for their right. They should ignore the lies vomited by these liars and resist by all means every attempt by the APC to thwart justice. Truth will always prevail over falsehood. This we should never forget.

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