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Sunday, August 25, 2019


Eseme Eyiboh



Since the conclusion of the last general elections in Akwa Ibom State, a certain fair skinned supposed gentleman who was so vociferous and cantankerous in his badly scripted attempt to sell rotten eggs as candidates of his party in those elections had receded into oblivion.

After several months in purgatory and after being turned back from the gates of heaven, he has resurrected in a lame attempt to return to the limelight by staging a naked dance. The self-centered comments attributed to this certain Eseme Eyiboh; published in the Punch newspaper of August 24, 2019, evokes a deep sense of pity. It paints a picture of a man desperately trying to seduce his vulnerable target audience and find relevance in the polity. But like other chieftains of his party, his interest is coated with selfish desires.

Mr. Eyiboh’s comment, from all indications is a bile knee-jerk reaction to a statement of fact made by the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Udom Emmanuel. The Governor had rightly attested to the fact that the workforce of Ibom Air has a large chunk of non-indigenes due to the dearth of qualified indigenes. To bridge the yawning gap, the Governor announced plans by his administration to commence an aviation skills development training programme.

But Mr. Eyiboh in his typical phoney style wasted no time in launching one of his usual self concerted attacks by announcing to the world that his second son who is a qualified aviation expert plying his trade outside the country has not been engaged by the airline. But there are several questions begging for answers! Where were Mr. Eyiboh and his son, when the Akwa Ibom State government announced plans to float Ibom Air?  Where was he when vacancies in Ibom Air were advertised?

Obviously, Mr. Eyiboh  as Director of Communication and Strategy of the 2019 APC Campaign Council, was blinded by myopic and selfish political sentiments. Is this not the same man who was condemning the state government for venturing into airline business, describing the project as a scam? He was busy wallowing in self denial and forgot he had a son who; he claims, is in the aviation sector. It might be necessary to subject Mr. Eyiboh’s claim to scrutiny, but that’s a matter for another day.

His unfortunate utterances can rightly be viewed as an indirect acceptance of the celebrated reality that Ibom Air has not only come to stay but to redefine the Nigerian Aviation industry. Mr. Eyiboh would do well to swallow his badly bruised pride and ask his son to submit his CV for evaluation if actually he has the requisite qualifications and experience.

Governor Udom Emmanuel is more concerned about building an Akwa Ibom that is devoid of petty retrogressive tendencies and political biases as exemplified by Mr. Eyibio and his gang of strange bed-fellows.

For avoidance of doubts, the economic development blueprint of Governor Udom Emmanuel is focused on harnessing the brightest and best talents of Akwa Ibom extraction; wherever they are, to join in the state building process.

The Eseme Eyibohs of this world should come to reality early enough that elections have since come and gone. The task before all Akwa Ibomites is to join hands with the Governor and build an Akwa Ibom our children and grand children would be proud of.

Coming barely a day after the inauguration of Ministers by Mr President, it is not oblivious that it is a systematic calculation by APC to launch another round of attacks on the state Governor Udom Emmanuel who has deflated them by his performance since assuming office four years ago. This worry especially comes when we saw few days ago, how the new Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Godswill Akpabio and the former NDDC Managing Director, Mr Nsima Ekere said at the inauguration parley, that they will strategize to use the new opportunity and unite APC in Akwa Ibom to work towards sacking PDP in 2023. What a policy direction for a new Minister in an intervention supervisory regional ministry.

We recall with a deep nostalgia, how our brother threw away a juicy pot of soup at NDDC to scramble like a blindfolded man for crumps later. It is our honest prayer that as a people we have learnt our lessons especially now  we have a shot at the helms of affairs of the Niger Delta Ministry. We do not expect another round of reckless and unguarded attacks on the state government from that ministry. We expect our brothers in that ministry to put aside political biases to join forces with the Akwa Ibom State government to develop out homeland.

By the way, when is this same Eyiboh, as Chairman of the Cross River Basin Authority,  going to commission his first project since his appointment in 2016?

When a certain Prof. Ayandele said many years ago that we are “an atomistic society perpetually at war with itself “ we all condemned him roundly. But isn’t it time we proved him wrong?



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