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Thursday, October 31, 2019


Frank Archibong 

Eket Local Government Area is one of the fastest  growing cities in South South, Nigeria.It has reputable companies, multinationals and businesses operating in the territory.Eket Local Government Area is one councils that comes with enormous task in her leadership and it demands a pragmatic and focused leader to sustain the leadership tempo from time immemorial,to  provide the basic security needs and protecting the lives and properties of the people.

Honourable Frank Archibong when he took over the mantle of leadership as the council helmsman, began with an aggressive mindset to provide security to his people at all cost.During the  electioneering period in the build up to his emergence, he promised to deliver dividends of democracy to his people with the  protection of lives and properties of the people as one of his cardinal objectives and to every leader.True to his words,after several months in office,the Honourable Frank Archibong led government in Eket Local Government Area has been able to keep to the promise of providing basic security needs of his people and has fought crime to a standstill in the oil rich city.

One of the ways he and the leadership has been able to achieve this mean feat is the cooperation given to security agencies operating within Eket Local Government territory.The Police and other security agencies in Eket Local Government Area have been give maximum cooperation by the Honourable Frank Archibong led government which has made the discharge of their duties easy and smooth in combating crimes.The assistance given comes with basic support to help  security operatives carry out their duties effectively and today,the effort has  yielded fruits in the city to a peaceful and serene environment good for business and economic development.

For a government to succeed,the security of lives and properties of the people must be of paramount to such a government,this was the word of a Pan African Leader, Elder Statesman and great Niger Deltan,Chief Edwin Clark who made the postulation recently in an interview on a National TV when asked on his inputs on the raging insecurity situation in Nigeria.In line with the words of the leader of thought,the Honourable Frank Archibong led government in Eket Local Government Area has given maximum attention to the protection and safety of the lives and properties of the people,this has been  delivered on the  assigned duties and responsibilities of the loca government  administration effectively to the  people of Eket Local Government Area.

Prior to his emergence as the council boss,Eket Local Government Area had face some security challenges and social vices but due to the divine emergence of Mr.Frank Archibong as the Council Boss,Insecurity has become a thing of the past in the Local Government Council.One of the measures the Frank Archibong led government has put in place is the ban on Motorcycles popularly known as "Okada" from 6pm to help fight crime in the area because most of the  perpetrators of the babaric crimes can easily access any nook and cranny that cars or any other vehicle couldn't access.This was a welcome development by many who foresaw the importance of the action,though many kicked against it saying it will bring untold hardship on the people. As a people oriented leadership,on hearing the criticism of most of his people,the Local Government Boss had to provide over one hundred vehicles to help ameliorate the sufferings of the people from 6pm when the ban on motorcycles will begin.
The Local Government council leadership continued interacting with relevant bodies and opinion leaders on the need for the  implementation of the ban with positive engagement,Months after the implementation ,the issue of insecurity has become a thing of the past in Eket Local Government Area and a drastic fight against crime in the area has been made possible by the Honourable Frank Archibong led government, this has been applauded by many across the State.

Conclusively,the people oriented leadership of Mr Frank Archibong  has made possible for the security of the lives and properties of the good people of Eket Local Government Area.The council is no longer a safe haven for criminals which the people today enjoy a comparative level of security made possible by the Honourable Frank Archibong led government.On daily basis, criminals are arrested by relevant security agencies and made to face the full wrath of the law.We can only continue supporting the council Boss and his team to continue in providing basic dividends of democracy and security to the people.His leadership foresight in providing security to his people is highly commended by many for his pragmatic approach in fighting crimes and ensuring a peaceful and serene Eket Local Government Area for businesses to strive effectively in boosting the economy of the oil rich city.

Abasiama Etukakpan writes from Uyo,the Akwa Ibom State Capital.

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