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Friday, November 29, 2019


Mr. Sam Edoho


Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great joy that I welcome you to the Eket Primary Schools Challenge.

EKET PRIMARY SCHOOLS CHALLENGE is an educational programme that is organized by the Sam Edoho Foundation in partnership with Fournir Integrated Services to promote academic excellence amongst the children of Ekid and further contribute to the development of the educational sector in Akwa Ibom state in general and Ekid in particular.

We have severally heard that ‘education is the bedrock of national development, others say that Education is the best legacy, even the late South African Ragae star, Lucky Dube in one of his songs recognized education as “the key to success”. All these are pointers to the fact that we all sited in this hall are doing so to fulfill one of the most important obligations that we owe humanity and in this case, we owe a young generation as we see in this hall.

The obligation is to do all we can to ensure that they find education interesting, valueable and available to all.

Permit me to seize this opportunity to make a little emphasis about why we chose to focus this competition on primary schools.  Primary education is not all about crayons and pencils, neither is it about lunch box and crying babies, it is the foundation and most vital level of education circle of any human and it begins with the exposure that adults around children give to their toddlers and kids. And when they formally enrolled in school, it is usually the first time that adults other than their relatives supervise their behavior. The school becomes the agency that first organizes social relationships, and the classroom becomes the place where children learn to socialize with their peers without the presence of their parents. The purpose of primary education is that it assists a child in many areas of life including discipline, writing skills, writing right, cognitive skills, socialization and many more. (on a lighter note) Most of us whose handwriting are like cobwebs and can only be decoded by specialists must have attained such legendary handwritings due to what we did or we did not do at the primary education level.

 A Spanish-American philosopher, poet, and humanist who made important contributions to philosophy and literary criticism once said that “a child educated only at school is an uneducated child”, this emphasizes the importance of this quiz competition amongst our children.

 Quiz competitions are time tested academic activities that are known to help in building confidence in participants, teach them public speaking, improve their memory and cognitive capacity while creating opportunities for participants to socialize with their peers from other academic environment for cross fertilization of academic experiences and it creates a longing for excellence amongst participants.

 I was shocked when I learnt that most of the present primary and secondary school children in Ekid have never experienced quiz competition, and I quickly recalled that most of us learned self confidence, defeated stage fright and developed the spirit of competing for excellence through competitions like this, so I am happy that today, Sam Edoho foundation in partnership with Fournir Integrated Services to give the hundreds of children in this hall a lifetime experience and I appreciate their schools for accepting to participate in this event.

Today was not the day to talk about SAM EDOHO FOUNDATION nor FOURNIR INTEGRATED SERVICES.

For Sam Edoho Foundation, we have been in existence for 16years and every end of the year in the past 16years, we carry out projects aimed at promoting academic excellence and improving the quality of education in our society. Such efforts range from scholarships to donation of education materials to schools or indigene children.

Last year, by God’s grace we donated borehole, generating set and a powerhouse for primary school Enen Ekpene, and this year we decided to partner this credible organization to encourage academic excellence amongst our primary school children.

Let me specially appreciate the Government of Akwa Ibom State for their insistence on making education free and compulsory at the primary and secondary school level and for further paying WAEC fees for secondary school students. This is to say that the government has taken over the cost of giving the total package of basic education to her citizens. In most civilized countries, after high school, a young adult take all the mental development and literacy that it requires to even run a country as managing director or lead in any organization. This is to say that the free education given by the state government mean that it has taken over the cost of providing literacy to our children and its worth applauding.

Let me also appreciate our political and business elites, senior friends, partners and lovers of humanity who have contributed financially, materially and otherwise to the success of this event.

 After we conceived the idea of this event, we ran to our friends for their support and I am very proud to say that there is no individual we went to that did not appreciate this idea, it shows the love of our people to education and such are signals that our society will get better.

I urge all of us to sit tight and enjoy ourselves as our children express themselves. As I said earlier, this to me is an opportunity for our children to socialize not really a stiff competition for gains.


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