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Monday, November 18, 2019


Obong Paul Ekpo

By Emmanuel Ikpe

Obong Paul politics Ekpo as he is fondly called is the current State Chairman of the People Democratic Party in Akwa Ibom State, a good team player and results oriented gentleman.

Held from Etinan LGA, before involvement in politics, Ekpo a graduate of political science from University of Uyo worked with Nigerian Export-Import Bank as head of administration and properties, Federal Character Commission as an administrative officer and was with Jackson Devos Plc, covering Lagos-Cross River States as the marketing officer after his first work experience in Deaveraux Investment limited where he did his NYSC assignment, before his appointment as Commissioner for Commerce and Industry in 2007 and later as Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs.

In March 2012 Ekpo resigned from office based on personal grounds and was elected the state championship of PDP to replace Prince Uwem It's Etuk as the sixth Chairman of the party since 1998.

Like the popular saying that the reward for hard work is more work, Obong Paul Ekpo happened to be the only person for now to chaired the party for a two term of four years each.
And between May 2012 and May 2020 which he will bow out gallantly, Obong Ekpo have conducted successful governorship, National Assembly, State House and local government council election and won victory for the party, thereby making the PDP "a religion" in Akwa Ibom, with Sterling Leadership qualities that made membership and support base of the party to keep on swelling on a daily basis and the results are visible for all to see.
On this background of consistent amassed victory for the party, he was elected the Chairman of all chairmen of PDP in the country, a position he held unchallenged and unquestionable too.
In line with the Directive Principle and Mission of the party, Obong Ekpo have been committed to democratic ideology, good governance, freedom, human rights and dignity, justice, equity, rules of law, integrity and transparency in the conductor of public affairs.

Objectively, he had work strategically to ensure the party fully participate in a free and fair electoral process and uphold the sanctity of elections and the supremacy of the will of the people and very responsive to public opinions.

Moreover, he had been an apostle of politics of inclusion by accommodating people of diverse opinion through political persuation in governance, while supporting and encouraging peaceful changes in governance through electoral process.

Politically speaking, Obong Paul Politics Ekpo is a promoter of democratic ideals and traditions on a sustainable basis which provides the political environment that is conducive to economic growth and state/national development, and safeguarded the interest of the minorites.

Convincingly, he had endeavoured to seek political power by sponsoring his members for elective and appointive political offices in healthy, fair and free competitions devoid of sentiment and have been magnanimous in victory and gallant in defeat without subscribing to politics of winners take it all and losers losses all.

And to uphold the principle of power shift, this political administrator had applied zoning and rotational formula in the sharing of political power at all levels in the state and within the party politics.

Obong Ekpo have observed the principle of separation of power as enshrined in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the independence of the judicial as well as pursuing of dispensation of justice for aggrieved members through reconciliation and juriprudence and has won justice at tribunal to supreme Court for candidates of the party in the state.

He have ensured that the women, Youth and the elders are carried along in the scheme of things in the party in line with the policies enshrined in the Beijing Declaration.

The Publicity and information mechanism of the party under the able leadership of Obong Ekpo has been revitalized in the state and the election of a vibrant publicity secretary in the person of Barr. Ini Ememobong and with the up to date real time communication system that has enhanced rapid top bottom and bottom top circulation of information and ideas that has helped in keeping the party afloat beyond opposition.

His Media relationship and cooperation has been what makes the party and the PDP Government in the state to enjoy a seemingly free publicity compared to other political parties.

On his working relationship with the Government, Obong Paul Ekpo can be described as a patriotic stateman who do not allowed his personal interest to override that of the public. He served in his capacity and do not out step bound. He have maintained a very supportive relationship with members of the party in Government, most especially the state governor. There has not been any rancor between him, his office and that of the govnor nor members of his Exco. Ekpo always give deligence to his duty and respect the dignity of officers of the party at all levels.

Time and space will not be enough to elucidate more on the person of Obong Paul politics Ekpo as the two term stateman of the People Democratic Party (PDP) in Akwa Ibom but permit me to note that he have been a beacon of hope, a dependable ally, a political strategist, an administrator par excellence, a man of the people, a go getter, a solution giver, a good Christian whose foot prints has scattered on the sand of time.

One wondering who will fit into his shoes size of party politics and Leadership, administration and governance when he bows out by May 2020; however it is prayed that he will work to ensure he provid a competent successor for himself and the party, who will not just build on his legacy but will move the party from a religion to human race in Akwa Ibom as success without successor is a failure.

Consequently, as you add a year to your life by the grace of God, I wish to join other members of the party at home and abroad to congratulate you on a life well live as an examplary leader and to wish you long live with good health.

Mr. Emmanuel Ikpe is a Media Consultant and the Publicity Secretary, PDP Fan Club Uyo Chapter and Member of the Divine Mandate Media Committee

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