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Sunday, December 1, 2019


Enomfon Akpan

Before now, 80% of our hospitals were in the state of ineffectiveness with decayed structures, unavailability of medical equipments for efficient medical practices. In other cases, some of these hospitals were secondary habitats for snakes and some other crippling animals, but Mr. Udom Emmanuel having ascertain the percentage at which the sector could contribute to the stability of the State's economy, declared state of emergency on it upon his
assumption of office as governor.

As the governor will always opine, "the significant sectors of Government are health and education. Once they're geared
 to their required standard, a greater population of the people through experience and good health can be more productive and innovative innovative. Theses in-turn will make the country endowed with a work force that is better positioned for global competition, a workforce that will drive the economy to its realm of majuscule boom.

Courtesy of his strive towards reviving our crippled and ineffective health sector, Gov. Udom Emmanuel has changed the fate of Ituk Mbang general hospital, Ikono general hospital, general hospital Annua, and some other cottage hospitals with good infrastructural amenities.

The Ibom Specialty Hospital which was globally rumored as the best in West Africa before May 29th 2015 was only but a building. No medical equipments, to the last thing as plastic chair was found in it. The only thing about the Hospital which existed was the building. It was in December 2015 and January 2016 that Gov. Udom Emmanuel dispatched some money for the hospital to be equipped. Sequel to this, the first successful plastic surgery done in West Africa was done in Ibom Specialty between April and May 2016.

Not only this, he has improvised means for the availability of sophisticated electronic medical equipments for effective medical delivery across the State. For example,  Electronic medical record system utilized in the state presently has made the State to be named the only city in West Africa with digital patient medical record system. X-ray film processor, X-ray film viewer, Gastroscope, Operating Theatre Light, Syringe Pimp, Electro surgical units, Monopolar-bipolar, Gynecologic counch amongst others are also medical equipments made available to our hospitals by this passionate governor.

For effective healthcare delivery, His Excellency the governor has taken upon himself the burden of ensuring actual credibility of medical practitioners. This he has done by sponsoring them on capacity building trainings and courses in and out of the country. Residential quarters have also been provided to primary healthcare, secondary healthcare and medical staffs of the State teaching hospital.

With all these, it's absolutely imperative to maintain that Udom Emmanuel's healthcare is yielding tremendous results.

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