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Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Udom Inoyo

 _...reveals the secret behind Inoyo Haven Estate in Lekki_

A retired staff of ExxonMobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited who has served as Controller in the Accounting Department of the Oil Giant, Malachy Umoren has offered insight into the reason the Vice Chairman of ExxonMobil, Udom Inoyo is the distinguished option for Akwa Ibom people to serve as governor come May 29, 2023.

Speaking with newsmen recently, Umoren who hails from Ikot Ekpene Local Government Area noted that with the over two decades of experience spent in the leadership position of a corporate world with an oil giant like Mobil, Udom Inoyo is fully furnished with the requisite leadership experience to not only understand how to address the challenges facing the State but to drive rapid development into the fabrics of the State.

Although Umoren pointed out that he has not seen how Inoyo has declared his intention for the top job, the indication on ground suggest that the people are rooting for him because of the insight they have about him.

The retired ExxonMobil staff who stressed that he speaks from the standpoint of his personal experience with the ExxonMobil top shot pointed out that Inoyo, besides contributing his best to the growth of the oil giant which he maintained is the largest Corporate firm in the State has always sought ways to impact meaningfully in the lives of Akwa Ibom people.

He mentioned that his huge investment with personal funds in the Inoyo Toro Foundation for over the years offers clear indication that he understands fully the foundation of how to build the State.

While stressing that Inoyo is fully grounded and primed for the top job in the State come 2023, Umoren added "When it comes to 2023, I would personally like Udom Inoyo to be our governor. You know why? He is grounded. When you talk about leadership, he has spent two decades in the leadership cadre of a multi national.

“This is an organization that has grown greatly. Do you know what we will benefit through his capacity? If you have someone sit in the leadership level of such organization for two decades, know that he has learnt and has acquired so much knowledge and capacity to lead.

"That is not the kind of person you will want to miss. Akwa Ibom State is a growing State. We need someone with that kind of capacity. Someone who has experience from the corporate world.

"He can make a good Governor if he wants to vie for that privilege of service. If he says he will serve his people after retiring from his service at Exxon Mobil, then I will gladly carry my two hands for him."

Umoren recalled that during his days in ExxonMobil, Inoyo displayed sacrificing spirit to all staff stressing that such quality endeared many to him.

While noting that such an attribute is entrenched inherently within Udom Inoyo, the retired Controller said he is not surprised that the ExxonMobil bigwig continues to display such qualities with the people in all his dealings.

Umoren refuted claims that Inoyo is not from the grassroots hence will not understand the yearnings of the people.

He stated "Besides the Governor, I don't think there is anyone who has more interaction with the people of this State than Udom Inoyo.

"He meets the people face to face. He is talks to people; Village chiefs, organizations and government at various level. He talks to many communities. He is in tune with many in the State than many who claim to be. The truth is that he isn't a noise maker. He understands what goes on in this State from the very grassroots to the top."

Commenting on rumours making the rounds that Udom Inoyo had chosen to develop an estate in Lekki instead of Akwa Ibom State, the retired ExxonMobil staff offered insight to the fact that Inoyo Haven Estate is a private investment originally initiated and funded by employees of ExxonMobil subsidiary companies in Nigeria through Employees’ Corporative Funds and not owned by the Oil giant boss.

He explained that although Udom Inoyo has neither business nor residential stakes at the estate, the Oil giant employees across Nigeria decided to name the estate after him stressing that the estate is open to everyone who wishes to own apartments there.

While nothing that the estate is named in honour of his contributions towards humanity, Umoren added "The cooperative acquired land somewhere within the Lekki corridors in Lagos to build houses. He was helpful to the corporative.

"The cooperative is an independent organization which cannot mix business with the corporation. Inoyo was very helpful to the cooperative. There was a time we had challenges recovering debt within the corporative. When a lot of people couldn't recover and there was no avenue to pay their money upfront, the corporative approached Inoyo and solicited his assistance to recover the loans.

"It is not what the company would like to do, but Udom Inoyo intervened and talked to leadership council and secured their approval for upfront deduction. When they pay you money, they deduct to what accrued to the corporative.

"The corporative believed that without him, and I believe too that without him we would have lost the money. So they said, let us just name that place in the honour of the person who assisted us to remain afloat.  It is not his Estate. I don't even think he has a plot of land in that Estate."

(C) The Mail

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