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Friday, February 21, 2020

No Single Individual Can Bend the Employment Policy of ExxonMobil - Pengassan Boss

...says ExxonMobil is not Rasaq & Sons Ltd Where Employment Can Be Manoeuvre

By Ekemini Aqwa

The Vice Chairman of ExxonMobil companies in Nigeria, Mr. Udom Inoyo has been exonerated from accusations by some Akwa Ibom people that as the company's vice chairman, he refused to use his office to unilaterally employ more Akwa Ibom indigenes in the company.

Mr. Inoyo was cleared of such accusation in an interview granted to the Chairman of Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN), ExxonMobil Producing Nigeria branch, Comrade Rasaq Obe.

In the interview published by Radar newspaper, Comrade Obe noted that ExxonMobil is a multinational corporation with strict employment policy that no single individual irrespective of the office occupied, can violate it to favour a particular person.

He said: "ExxonMobil is not Razaq & Sons Limited. It’s not Ministry, it’s not like our country where you can maneuver the employment processes and get away with it. There is no single individual, not even the Managing Director of the company, not even the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) can bend the employment’s policy of ExxonMobil."

Continuing, he narrated that any top official of the company that attempts to bend the rule risks losing his job because of the firm employment policy of the organization. He said: "Because it’s scandalous.If you violate the employment’s policy and you make it opaque, even if you are the MD or any senior person in the company, the person is going to be fired!"

Describing the process of recruitment in the company, Comrade Obe lectured that: "HR (Human Resource) has a recruitment team. That team is the team that response to propositions from departments. That team has people who do the advertisement, they have another organisation that outsources, that will conduct test for the people, people who pass the test are the people who come to participate in the interviews."

"At the interviews, they will have HR representatives, and the departments that want the employees will have their own representatives to see that persons coming in have got the qualities and requirements they desire. So that role is collaboration amongst various departments. Many considerations, but I can assure you that the first consideration is excellence. Is the person coming in with the competence to do the job? The process of testing them by writing test is going to sieve those who have no business working in the company out."

"Then other layers. We have something they call, “behavioral interview." It tries to test your past to see what you have done before, just to understand who you are. So that is the processes. As they are doing that, there are various people who are marking the tests. Then you are sitting before a panel of 5 or 6 people, so each person is marking you independently and at the end of the day, the totality of those decisions will form their final decision. So if you have ten to twenty people, at the end of the day, serially taken, there will be number 1, 2, 3 down to 20."

Explaining further that the company does not sacrifice merit over nepotism or favouritism, he opined rhetorically that: "You want to bring someone that is number 12 to come and take the job over and above the serial number? No! No matter who you are, no matter your tribe, if you like, let your father be the President, you can’t. Because whatever they do, is going to be reviewed by auditors. There are internal auditors from ExxonMobil; there are also external auditors, they are going to look at that document and we also have NNPC auditors. So you can see layers of reviews, who wants to lose his job, because you are trying to help someone else to get a job? Otherwise, I wouldn’t be a staff here. I am from faraway Ondo State. I knew no one, I saw an advertisement of ExxonMobil sometime in 2007, I stayed in the convenience of my room at Lagos and applied. I was working for Globacom then. I saw invitation for test; I went to write the test. From there to the first interview, from there second interview. I knew no one and I got the job. If they were to use influence or power, I wouldn’t stand any chance. It would have been the exclusive preserve of Governors, Ministers, Senators and powerful people in the society" he concluded.

Recall that some allegedly sponsored group of individuals had accused Mr. Inoyo on Facebook and other social media platforms that he deliberately refused to used his office over the years to assist Akwa Ibom people get employed. The above revelation by Comrade Obe, many say is timely to expose those who are bent on twisting facts for political gains.

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