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Monday, February 24, 2020

Mike Enyong: Not Just A Leader, But A True Friend To The Masses

Mike Enyong

By Ekemini Akpan

Martin Luther King Jr once said that
"Life's most urgent question is what are you doing for others?"

This quote is decades old but it's still quite a powerful and true statement and will remain a question of all times.

The world is full of leaders but, sadly very few live up to expectations, very few connect with the masses, very few deliver on their promises to the people. These few, we can describe as true leaders and perfect example of good friends.

Truth is, the growth and development of people is the highest responsibility a leader owes the masses. Developing a people is invariably developing a community, society, state, region, country etc.

 In some part of our clime, today, this impact of leadership is no longer felt by the masses because many a person are yet to feel the dividends of democracy brought to bare by the same persons they believe are leaders.

 Nevertheless, there is still hope because we still have the "very few" leaders who are still have their people at heart and struggle each day to better the lives of the people.

Unarguably, Rt. Hon. (Dr.) Michael Enyong, aka Babantan, is one of the very few that is living up to the expectations of the people. His good deeds precedes him. Testimonies of him returning to humanity is noted everywhere. This is one man who isn't concerned about the cheer but, about the change. He wants to see he's people breath fresh air, he wants to see them live well, he's all out to secure the future for them.

No wonder Orrin Woodward said " Great leaders inspire others to raise their own bars". Babantan has been and is still a source of inspiration to  a lot of people, he has made mere men become great men, he has supported many businesses, built houses for the less privileged and empowered a lot of people. For him, it is humanity first and he doesn't want plaudits for what he does.

True Leaders strive to empower everyone around them to become the best versions of themselves. Babantan is one man that is living his life to empower his people, his trumpets might not be blown but his good deeds are speaking everywhere.

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