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Saturday, May 9, 2020

05-05-2020 Mr Udom Inoyo Executive Vice Chairman (retired) ExxonMobil, Lagos

Sen. Effiong Bob

Udom Inoyo

My Brother,


Let me formally congratulate you on your retirement from the services of ExxonMobil where you served from 1989 till May 2020 in many capacities. My family and I and in fact the entire Nsit Ubium people joyfully welcome you back home.

Within the period of your service, your tour of duty took you to other places outside Nigeria, including Mobil Exploration and Production, USA (MEPUS), where you served as a Human Resources Advisor, supporting the Gulf of Mexico business in New Orleans, in Louisiana State; ExxonMobil Inter-America Incorporated, Coral Cables, Florida; and ExxonMobil Office in Houston, Texas. You were also in Brussels as Compensation Advisor in the Europe, Africa and Middle East Center of Expertise, where you had responsibilities for the national programmes of 10 African and four European countries.

As the Executive Vice Chairman of ExxonMobil, it is on record that before your retirement on May 1, 2020, you were not only the highest ranking staff of the multi-national oil conglomerate from Akwa Ibom State; but the first person from the State to occupy that position. I am personally proud that you as an Nsit Ubium man created that record and sustained it.

Having watched your rise from the time you joined the company until your retirement a few days ago, there is no doubt that your journey to the top depended on God’s grace, personal commitment, dedication, honesty, hard work and persistence of purpose. These are virtues that are typical of Nsit Ubium people.

Those who have a sense of history will confirm that your meteoric rise through the ranks in ExxonMobil partially satisfied a deep-seated communal and generational desire to see an Akwa Ibom person attain a commanding height in the multinational Oil and Gas Company. In addition, competing at such a high level of responsibility in a multinational firm despite being a Nigerian from a minority ethnic group will remain a great encouragement to others.

We thank God for preserving your life. We are glad to have you back in good health. Congratulations.


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