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Saturday, May 23, 2020


Emmanuel Nicholas

Governor Udom Emmanuel has since the inception of his administration demonstrated his commitment and poise to ensuring a proper networking of roads in Akwa Ibom State to establish a concrete roadmap for economic advancement and development.

During the commissioning of Ikot Udom Road in Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area, the Governor assured the people of the State that he is not out to construct political roads but that his intention is to link all part of the State together through proper networking of Roads within the State  and provide connecting routes that link the State to neighbouring States.

This is why Governor Udom Emmanuel is daulizing Uyo - Etinan Road and Etinan - Ndon-Eyo Road, to provide safe corridor to the industrial hub in Onna, Mkpat Enin and Eket.

These two major roads grant commuters in Uyo, Abak and Ikot Ekpene who wish to freight their goods from any factory in Onna or Mkpat Enin to have smooth terrain to ferry their goods back without any fear of loss due to bad road.

The two roads also provide road users who travel from Rivers State to Akwa Ibom a safe haven from the East West Road. They would not have to undergo any stress of using the collapsed Ekpad Akwa Road but will traverse from East West Road to the Capital City of Uyo well dualized nylon tarred ensures Governor Udom Emmanuel also ensure that commuters travelling from Etinan to Eket and Ibeno can also have a six lanes Road to travel to their destination.

This means an oil worker or a fish trader who stays in Etinan can travel on the smooth daulized Etinan - Eket Road, through the beautiful Eket Remodelled Roads to the classic  Eket - Ibeno Road to sell off the fish market in Ibeno or the Mobil terminal.

In furtherance of his ambition to link up the entire State, Governor Udom Emmanuel is constructing a-12 lane dual carriageway, called  ibaka Superhighway.

This Road at completion will provide access to Ibom Deep Sea Port, and link Eket, Ibeno, Mbo, Udung Uko and Oron local Government together through one single thoroughfare.

It will help those assessing the Port from Uyo to have the Privilege of travelling through a dualized Uyo - Okopedi Highway to Okopedi - Oron Dualization into the Superhighway, to eighter take to the Deep Sea Port or pprovide them with smooth route to locate their business concerns in Eket, Ibeno, Mbo, Oron, Onna, Mkpat Enin and Ikot Abasi without venturing into any deplorable Road.

In Uyo metropolis, Governor Udom Emmanuel is working earnestly to ensure the master plan of the city is established to avoid building up traffic congestion.

This is why he is contructing Ring Road 2 to link road users who wishes to go to Abak from Oron Road and Aka road. That would prevent circumnavigation through the city center (Plaza ) before assessing their location.

From Aka junction they willl travel in to Abak Road through a well constructed dual carriageway, without any trafic congestion.

The administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel is also comstructing Ring Road 3, to decongest Oron road The dualization of 3rd Ring will link commuters to Nwaniba Road, by the left and Aka Road, and Abak Road on the right. Hence, solving the log jam threat that makes the dwellers of Shelther Afrique and environs to have sleepless night on how to get to work on time.

Still within the Uyo metropolis, the Governor has ensured he links communities. So far, over 100 roads have been constructed in Uyo capital city through Direct labour programme. 

Though over 40 has been completed, 64 are still ongoing. This programme to develop the city center of the State capital and completely link it up as one beautiful metropolis, eliminating all deplorable roads from the city, highlights the midas touch of the present administration.

So far streets in Shelter Afrique, Mbiabong, ifa Ikot Okpon, Akpasak Estate, Osongama Estate, Housing Extension, Anua Offot, Oniong Offot, Atan Offot, Akpa Ube hub, Ewet Housing Estate, Itam Market, Afaha community, Aka Community and the once abandoned Uyo Village have all  recieved massive face lift in terms of construction of their intra Roads network together.

Akwa Ibom State Government is also working very prudently to ensure roads connecting the State with neighbouring States are being constructed to enable inter-state Economic activities .

Governor Udom Emmanuel have constructed Nto-Edino - Ekwarasu Road which will link up Akwa Ibom State with Abia, from Obot Akara axis. While he also has constructed  Obotme - Arochukwu Road, which links Ini Local Government Area with the Northern part of Abia State.

Governor Udom Emmanuel did not stop on those two projects. He is constructing Ikot Ibritam Road in Oruk Anam that connects Akwa Ibom State with Rivers State.

One may ask: what is the gain of investing in constructing these inter State highways? Today Abia State does not have a functional Airport; so all their air travellers will intend to travel through Victor Attah international Airport. The only thing that can encourage them use the Air port is quality access roads from their State to Akwa Ibom.

This inter- State roads also ecourages cross border trades and this increases the Internal Generated Revenue of State. Abia and Imo  state do not have a functional beach,  so during festive period and out of festive seasons, fun seekers from those States will wish to visit Akwa Ibom State to enjoy the beautiful coastal line of at Ibeno beach or play Golf at Ibom Hotels and Golf Resort at Nwaniba.

Governor Udom Emmanuel is also contructing to link up Local Government Areas with one another in the rural areas. The Secretariat Road in Udung Uko connects Oron and Urueffong-Uruko Local Government Areas together

Awa - Asong Road connects Mkpat Enin to Onna Local Government Area  and  Ndon - Eyo Odii Road conects Onna to Eket and Ibeno Local Government Areas together. Ibritam - Ikot Ekafe Road connects Ukanafun to Oruk Anam Local Government Areas; while Ibiaku Uruan- Ndue-tong Road connects Uruan, Itu and Uyo Local Government Areas together.
The Ibaka Superhighway links Ibeno, Mbo, Udung Uko and Oron local Government Areas togehter and many others.

Governor Udom Emmanuel as a prudent fund manager knows that as connectivity increases, travel distance decreases but the route options also increase and more economic benefits will be made.

So Governor Udom Emmanuel is building Akwa Ibom Roads to ensure connectivity for improved economic growth of the State towards enhancing increase Internally Generated Revenue.

Also critics and cynicism with blurred lenses may see these realities but refuse to acknowledge them but Gov. Udom Emmanuel continues to forge ahead with his blueprint for the transformation of the state in sectors and sections.

For sure, history will vindicate and perpetuate Gov. Udom Emmanuel's name as one of Akwa Ibom State leaders who creatively advanced the infrastructural beauty of the State through quality roads network.

Emmanuel Nicholas writes from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

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