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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Governor Udom Emmanuel: A name That Attracts Goodwill

Integrity is not bought, it is earned over time, and only few people have this rare virtue. Integrity is one asset that has opened doors to so many and suspended protocols to speed up the progress of others.But one thing is common, a man of integrity must be hated, abused, attacked and insulted. That is what Gov. Udom Emmanuel is passing through in the hands of those who hate honesty and transparency.

Gov. Emmanuel on good authority has a name that rings bell in the international market; a name that can attract blessings and support beyond the borders of Nigeria; a name that many have sought to use in flying to the Pinnacle of their careers, however it is applied. Hence, some writers whenever they seek relevance and patronage for their write ups, they attach the name Gov. Udom Emmanuel to it to sell their lies and falsehood, and create scene where there's none.

It is unthinkable to attempts to cast aspersions on a man who has built his life, career and future on the foundation of integrity over the years, with just a flimsy story about building a house in Ikoyi, Lagos State. And to show how dirty the heart of the writer is, he went ahead to list the names of people living on that same location.

The question that tasks a concerned mind is: In reality, can a Governor honestly afford to build a house from his income and allowances? Another one is: can a governor who before he joined politics, had risen to the echelon of his career as a banker afford such a building?

It is laughable that people would just wake up one day and start disgracing themselves in the name of investigative journalism.

Akwa Ibom state under Gov. Udom Emmanuel runs an open government where the account of the state is published every year and various transparency groups have adjudged Gov. Emmanuel's prudence in financial management. We have been in this state over the years, and we can boldly say the truth about past administrations. Common sense should tell us that no bank will ever entrust the fortunes(finances) of an entire nation in the hands of a greedy bank manager. Gov. Udom Emmanuel had gone beyond this height, and was handling an intercontinental assignment before God brought him to serve his people in the capacity of a governor. Can such a person afford a building in Ikoyi?

I do not believe less, the position of Ray Ekpu when he attempted to describe the scenery of recent events in the state and those behind them. In his words, " The list could also include congenital complainants, pull-them-down specialists, fetishists, preachers of pessimism, political perverts who seek recognition they haven't received and 2023 political contenders who are convinced that the Governor may not look in their direction when choices for electoral offices will be made. It is an aggregated assortment of the disgruntled".

Whether as a group or as individual, the aim is to cause mischief, destroy, steal and kill one's reputation, and nothing less. I strongly believe this is what the writer had wanted to achieve when he started crying that a Governor was building a house in Ikoyi, even during the lockdown in Lagos. Now I know that his right brain is malfunctioning, and the service of a psychiatrist is a necessity.

There are things that are worth thinking about especially at a time when the entire globe is seemingly helpless as the novel coronavirus is destroying lives and the economies of nations. The story of a building in Ikoyi is just another piece of distraction and must be ignored by all.

It is still fresh in our memories the stories of George Udom and Kufre Carter who laid false claims against the state government and the governor. Today, they are telling the whole world that they were lying, and that Akwa Ibom people should forgive them. Many have not learnt their lessons yet. We must do away with hate and envy and learn to tell the truth.

Akwa Ibom is our own. We must build the state together, and avoid casting down the bricks that others have painstakingly laid in the building of our dear state.

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