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Friday, May 1, 2020


Udom Inoyo

Dear Mr. Inoyo,

I join many friends and admirers to rejoice with you on your well-deserved retirement from the service of ExxonMobil after a very distinguished career spanning over 30 unbroken years.

A lot has been said and written about you by friends and foes alike but beyond it all, please know that there are many, young and not so young professionals and individuals in and outside ExxonMobil, who hold you in awe and in very high esteem because of the indelible impact you have had in their lives and careers. Your personality simply inspires!

I remember not too long ago after I had exited ExxonMobil and taken up appointment with another Oil & Gas company, a colleague came up to me in my first week at work to ask if I knew you. Why did he ask? He just needed to be introduced to you because he desired to be mentored by someone like you. It so happened that this individual (not from Akwa Ibom state) had encountered you at one of the public fora as a member of OPTS Public Affairs sub-sector and was blown away by the force of your character, presentation style and bold articulation of issues. That’s the kind of impact you have on people that it is sometimes difficult to frame it in words.

My meeting with you for the first time was unplanned but I remember bumping into you in Mobil House and introduced myself to you (I had just been transferred from Mobil Oil Apapa Terminal to the headquarters building as a Security Assistant) and the warmth with which you received me and made me adjust quickly to my new environment endeared me to you till this day.

I know many more who have experienced a similar welcoming disposition from you and scores of others you have gone out of your way to encourage and help to enhance their careers. For these and many other enabling contributions you have made in people’s careers and lives with love and consideration, I say thank you.

I know, out of conviction, that we all reap only that which we sow and since you have sown mostly goodness, goodness shall also follow you here and the hearafter.

I wish you and your dear wife, Ntekpe, continued good health in this new phase of your lives and best wishes in all future endeavours!

Aniekan Willie
Lagos, Nigeria
April 30, 2020

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