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Thursday, June 25, 2020


By Daniel Edon:

Mr Udom Inoyo once told me:  "Look Edon If you want to achieve anything in life, two people know about it before it materialised: GOD AND THE DEVIL"

He explained further that since the Devil is always at war with God's plans for you, he would send his agents, including human agents to throw mud at you, all kind of insults, all kind of abuses, all kind of false accusations, libel, slander, defamation, et al, would be hurled at you.

They would fight you on every side and on every step of the way. Sending dogs(Media hirelings) to bark at you, just to delay your journey to greatness. If you persevere, if you are focused, if refuse to be distracted and remain undaunted, VICTORIA ASCERTA ...

On the other flip, if your ways and plans please the Lord, the Bible says even your enemies would be working and fighting for you.

Ab initio, the mere mention of the name INOYO sounded like "who the hell are you calling here?" Every bad thing that happened in his former place of work was attributed to him, some that he never knew about, they would say, why shouldn't he know. If any Akwa Ibom son or daughter was sacked for wrong doing, they would say, why didnt he stop the sack? Why he is there?.

Anybody that lost his or her job, or even resigns, were attributed to him as the master minder. Most annoying was some persons, he assisted, turned against him. He was seen as the owner of the multi-National Oil Company that sacked his people unilaterally and without reasons.

But the law of gravitational force, which is a natural Order,  states that anything that goes up must come down. The attack on his person is gradually receding , as the truth is unveiling. Before long, he would be discharged and acquitted of all false allegations against him. This is not to say he is without blemish(es). As human, he has shortcomings.

The content of his character, wealth of experience, connections and towering credentials fit in squarely, roundly, triangularly and what have you,  into the requirement needed for the governance of our dear State.

This and many more of his amiable character, openness, pragmatism and humility draws people closer to him,  as they gradually get to know him better.

Those that thought he is Elitist now realised that he is still that "UDOME" as his friends and colleagues used to call him back then at the University days. He is still that home boy. Nothing has changed honestly.

He is admired across Party and Ethnic lines across Akwa Ibom State and the Country.

So what are you waiting for? Come on over....

JOIN US...The Happy People Gang.


...Everybody is Keying in.

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