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Tuesday, July 28, 2020


By Alyn Anwana

Am in concern for a resilience and a sustainable growth, a plausible paradigm shift that would far fetch more than the previous within our primitive context, and  that which would uphold a broad lasting adorn development and widespread a viable infrastructure.

 Am concern in that to promulgate by a prolific moderate gentle Man, prodigiously with that quest to maintaining consistent peace and perfect political environment and perhaps,which would enhance political inclusion and human capacity development to political development.

Am concern about a broad skill and a new breed. Am indeed concern of this ingenuity gentle man who had prove his mattel in capturing most requisite demanding in public service.
Am in indeed concern in the man who sharp out leadership and graded with qualities, looking at you one will see effectiveness hovering around with all  listed,

* Inward ability to forge concern and negotiation
* Managerial prowess and reputation established.
* Broad of boundless qualities with extensive exposure.
* Virtuously with solution oriented and pragmatic.
*Endowed with Leadership acumen and with innermost humility.
* Reformer and Media friendly.

A lot have adequately prepare him over time and and tested not just to be trusted, but confidently found with a good service to offer at this time of his wake up call.

It this cause, i have wrest my resourceful opportunity to voyage emotionally and politically, "who the cap fit" with a justifiable carving scale, i enrapture a behoves cross examination within and among all contenders known for the forthcoming local government chairmanship election in Urue Offong/Oruko. Not just through imaginable senses, i carve out through, to scale on apparent and historic political close compass, behaviourally, achievement and establishment.

Historically, i had been privilege to closely view many political personalities, through their political strides and trajectory. In purview of administrative prowess, fortunes had smiles on so many, in building of human development, is a zero sum game of so many, political development and  achievement recently left to no just conclusion .

Behaviourally, many have presented themselves respectfully and too good , many sought repeatedly and often in one political credo, many presented themselves  extensively  to be friendly in nature, many aimed to make different in administration but seemingly made no different at earlier and recently given opportunities.

 Be it as it may, am certainly overwhelmed by the  conviction of #ANTEISM, his stands more chance, closely to convince the victory at the poll or even before gotten to the poll, it feasible beyond doubt and bewilderment.

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