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Thursday, August 13, 2020


"I would maintain that 'thanks' are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder" 

G. K Chesterton 

Nature has gradually made humans feel entitled even of the things they naturally may not deserve. Therefore, constant self and group assessments is key in order not to long for what one should only hear of. 

In the past few weeks Esit Eket have had to reaffirm that 'patience is a virtue' which everyone should embibe. We can't Thank His Excellency enough for clearing the air of the false claims that the Political Leader Elder Ben Udobia is clanish, nepotistic, selfish as few weird minds would say. 

While I may not want to delve into rolling out all the appointments in the area, naysayers have had reasons to thank the Governor for appointing a daughter of the area Dr Ini Adiakpan as Commissioner. 'Clanish' thinking should have made the Political Leader take it to his village. 'Selfishness' shouldn't have allowed  him recommend Barr. Ime Dan Abia as Chairman Governing Council, College of Education who is from a different zone. The recently appointed Special Assistants and board members that are spread through the three zones should have been from his home for 'selfishness' sake.

The hatred we have for good things should have a boundary because if over stretched, it becomes witchcraftcy. It takes hatred to bite the fingers that fed you claiming it wasn't washed. 

Whatever the reasons for the backlash, common sense should guard some utterances as words spoken can't be taken back. has politics taken the place of common sense? Has it negated the fact that Elder Ben Udobia is a father even to the revolutionist  before the revolution? 

On Ward creation; when Elder Ben Udobia mobilized people for voters registration and even called a meeting to drum it to everyone to take the exercise serious most people went to bed expecting him to come to their villages and beg their cousins to go register. Units are given on the basis of voters strength in a particular area not on how many villages and how big your land mass is. But no, he took the only ward to his village like you'll bring to his' if you were in his shoes? 

On the Chairmanship issue, anyone who is ready for election should ensure he picks the form, fills, submits, campaigns and present himself for election. The people will use their votes to settle the zoning issue. If zoning is a criterion, let the people decide.

I dare to say that the ALGON Chairman position that's been given to the current Chairman Hon. Iniobong Robson is not a fluke, I just hope that sends a signal to self acclaimed politicians and unit defenders. 

While Thanking His Excellency Deacon Udom Emmanuel for what he has done, we even thank him in advance for the things to come. Elder Ben Udobia is best for every well thinking human. If outsiders should ask that he be loaned to them, we should be much more grateful having him as a father in Esit Eket. 

Godwin Elijah writes from

Ekpene Obo, Esit Eket LGA

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