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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Udom Emmanuel and the transformation of Akwa Ibom State

John Peterz

Akwa Ibom state was before now regarded as a death trap. Fear was prominent amongst its citizenry, but the reverse is now the case with HE Udom Emmanuel at the helms of affairs of the state.

Before now,  Akwa Ibom State was seen as one of the roughest states in Nigeria, owing to the fact that violence and killing were so pronounced and fear was a common commodity; traders lost hope as buying and selling was no longer conceived profitable and a state of emergency was to be declared in Uyo due to wanton killings and kidnapping.

Cultism was then a legalized activity; the fear and reverence of cultists was the beginning of wisdom. Things fell grossly apart. 

The people prayed and asked God for a saviour and a messiah to liberate the state once again and bring back normalcy.

It didn't take God a second in responding to this outcry for change. Thus, he sent HE. UDOM Emmanuel just in time to rescue Akwa Ibom from all the calamities that befell it, and to restore its lost glory. 

Akwa Ibom state has indeed experienced an overturn of events now, as a result of the purpose-driven leadership of Gov. Emmanuel.

Since Gov. Udom Emmanuel assumed office in 2015, the state has been enjoying unending bliss in all areas. There is relative peace,  youths are now productive as everyone is becoming self reliant, sustainable development is visible and industrialization has become our second name. Indeed Akwa Ibom state through the leadership of Udom Emmanuel has taken a new shape in all ramifications.

Akwa Ibom citizens are more than happy with Governor Udom Emmanuel. The Governor's good leadership is something that has always gotten people's attention, especially at a time of  scarcity and starvation  experienced in other states of the federation, but almost non-existent in Akwa ibom state.

He has been working round the clock to ensure everything runs smoothly in the state.

Gov. Udom Emmanuel has shown himself as a person who has great depth, expertise and experience in leadership, especially at a time of global economic and health crises as we are experiencing at the moment.

Udom Emmanuel, an industrialization- driven and charismatic leader, has also understood the need for a clean and safe environment that will foster sustainable development. Hence, appropriate legislation and policies aimed at making the environment human-friendly are adopted by his administration.

These initiatives, among other things have so endeared the people of this state to him. God bless Gov. Udom Emmanuel.

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