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Wednesday, July 28, 2021


Jerryz Edoho

No matter how hard a situation is, a practical leader inspires with his principles without compromise: the way he walks, his facial expression, the manner he reacts to issues affecting his people, his sincerity and devotion towards enhancing community development depicts true characteristics of a modelled leader with foresight and wisdom to forecast the future.

While analysts and professionals named him "Mr deliverer" humanitarians tag him "fortune changer", the less privileged and widows refers him to as "God's sent leader",  a teacher once described him as a "philanthropist", psychologist says he is a "Motivator",  clergymen says he is "God's vessel",  youth brands him as "Joy giver" while the royal fathers calls him "Edidiong enyen" meaning "blessed child"; Frankly, his name is MR. FRANK ARCHIBONG; the practical leader who sees the future.

Before taking a cursory look at the above definitions of who a leader is as it connotes Honourable Frank Archibong's imbued leadership attributes, Let us critically cross-check the conceptual definition of leadership as postulated by a fearless Greek philosopher "Plato", who once asserted that "Leaders are morally and intellectually suited to govern and lead". Plato went on to illustrates that "leadership position is for those who are morally interested in it and have a passion for truth and learning, while showing no interest in the temptations of gaining power for the sake of power".

In his submission, Plato concluded that intellectuals should be enthroned to leadership positions because of their passion,  prudence and abilities".

Certainly, adopting an unbiased appraisal on Frank Archibong  considering the offices he has held (past and present) and comparing same to impacts so far created in correlation with Plato's definition and others, there will be no logic whatsoever to dispute the fact that Frank Archibong's module of leadership is exactly what should be emulated and practiced in today's clime.

Naturally, this emerging leader is a thoroughly breed, visionary, intelligent, dedicated, humility personified leader who possesses divine wisdom to salvage issues and challenges in a way others do find difficult to comprehend.Through his numerous humatarian services, generosity and passion for development, Frank Archibong has caved for himself crystal niche by setting the pace and laying solid foundation for youths to actualize their dream goals in the future irrespective of class, affinity, ethnicity or tribe.

Archibong, indeed is a new breed leader and inspiration to the younger generation. He sees leadership as an avenue to build an harmonious society and as a viable platform through which the less privileged, widows and orphans can be meaningfully empowered and impacted.

For instance, few years back, the peaceful oil rich city of Eket was almost flagged a red zone as a result of rising cases of insecurity, phone snatching, rape and other forms of criminal activities. During this period, businesses, lives and properties where no longer safe and secure. But, as an inspired leader whose vision for the future is keeping everybody invested in the process with positive hope; this God's sent leader immediately swung into action, provided communication gadgets to equip security personels and donated a new Toyota Siena car as surveillance and mobility vehicle for Ikot Udota police Station in order to help fight crime and restore normalcy in the LGA. Is it his excellent exhibition of selfless leadership during the outback of the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic where he generously donated relief materials and foodstuff to indegenes of Eket, security personnels, paramilitary organizations and churches across board that any sensible human being would dare to forget in a haste?

Honourable Frank Archibong, who is currently serving in the state Executive Council as the Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Local government and Chieftaincy Affairs, has proven himself as 'A God's sent leader and a role model' whose diagram and vision for the future is to actualize a peaceful, united and progressive society. He is practically committed to its Ministry's core mission of providing the viral supervisory nexus designed to enhance holistic development of local governments and chieftaincy institution in the State through effective and efficient policy instruments, institutional frameworks, programs and activities. Frank's role in the recently commissioned magnificent State of the art Council of Chiefs Chambers built by Governor Udom Emmanuel for the traditional institution is another landmark evidence of his visionary prowess and passion for a better future.

Inline with Governor Udom Emmanuel's Dakkada philosophy for Akwa Ibomite to rise to greatness, Frank Archibong, has demonstrated capacity and amazing devotion by sponsoring several youths to  acquire specialize skills in their choice field of endeavours to help position them for self reliance. He has collaborated with top Professionals to train young entrepreneurs and equally empowers them with starter-packs which many of those trained are today young CEOs. 

As one who is embedded with practical wisdom, Frank Archibong has sponsored free jamb registration, provision of instructural materials and text books to enable student receives quality education for improved performance in their academic pursuits, payment of tuition fees, scholarships award to deserving and exceptional students to study abroad for both indigenes and non indigenes as well as provision of shelter for widows in the rural areas are noble legacies established by Frank Archibong, and cannot be disputed by whoever may wished to review or appraised him.

Truth be told, in the compendium of leaders,  Frank Archibong, is one  politician who has charismatically walked the path of truth with earnest commitment and display of resilience without bias and ethnic sentiment, in which even the naysayers acknowledges as one of the definitional figures in Akwa Ibom's political leadership.

A formost leadership Coach, publisher and author of Lean In 'Cheryl Sandberg' while delivering a paper at Harvard Business, once posited that "Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence". Practically, Frank Archibong has recorded incredibly unimpeachable impacts within his immediate locality and across the 31 LGAs in the State.

Therefore, in all honesty, and in congruence with my assessment of leadership, I totally agree that "Cheryl Sandberg" was not wrong when she noted that "Genuine leader" is not a searcher for consensus, but a molder of consensus" which clearly portrays FRANK ARCHIBONG as a practical leader who sees beyond politics. 

© Comrade Jerryz EDOHO,

Writes from Idua Ntak-Inyang,

Esit Eket LGA.

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