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Friday, September 17, 2021

AK TECH WEEK: Do not Despair, Udom Inoyo to A'Ibom Youths

...offers insight on how they can make wealth and be exceptional in life

UYO - Youths in Akwa Ibom State have been advised never to despair irrespective of any difficult circumstance or frustration they encounter while trying to breakthrough in life. 

The advice was offered by the former Vice-Chairman of ExxonMobil Companies in Nigeria and Advisor, Inoyo Toro Foundation during the Akwa Ibom Technology week 2021 (Ak Tech Week 2021). 

In his keynote address, Mr. Inoyo acknowledged the massive participation of youths in the program from the various senatorial district hubs, admitting that the large attendance was the confirmation of the yearning of Akwa Ibom youths to compete nationally and globally. 

The keynote lecturer who informed the participants that they are different noted that being different comes with encountering difficulties, challenges, and frustrations which will beguile their resolve to forge ahead, but they should never despair.

He said: "Let me begin by acknowledging the successful outings you have recorded in the various senatorial district hubs since the beginning of this Tech Week. This is a further confirmation of the hunger of our young ones to compete nationally and globally, and all we need to do is to provide the necessary support for you to excel. I am happy to have been a part of this week’s success story. This morning, in addition to what you will learn from our expert speakers, I want to give you two important messages."

"The first, which should already be obvious to you by now is that you are different. By being different you will likely be misunderstood by some people, and this may sometimes frustrate you. You must never despair. Truth be told, some people do not have an appreciation of your brainpower and offerings and therefore you must find a way round to sympathize with and accommodate them."

The former oil worker warned Akwa Ibom youths to avoid the temptation of trying to fix the visible signs of poverty but concentrate more on creating lasting prosperity through the force of market-creating innovations by identifying what the population lacks, or is struggling with and providing a solution to them. 

Encouraging the youths that they can make it, the Nsit Ubium born professional pointed out how Mo Ibrahim made his wealth when he conceived the idea of setting up a mobile phone company in Africa in the 1990s and at a time when the African continent was being clouded with challenges. 

Mr. Inoyo maintained that only an economy anchored on technology and innovation can succeed, complimented the audacity of the participants to identify with the program and take part in it, fully.

"As you know, the 21st-century economy will be largely anchored on technology and innovation, and if this country must make progress, we must look in your direction. Society is bedeviled with many problems, but these struggles are also opportunities, which some of you have already identified. I salute you for this, and for being audacious, savvy, and ready to conquer the world, notwithstanding your name, location, circumstances of birth, etc."

Mr. Inoyo admitted that there are challenges that the youths must confront, accordingly provided insights on the areas that Akwa Ibom youths can harness knowledge to invent unique solutions and develop skill sets that are local in demand to become wealthy. He listed the areas to encompass utilizing environmental degradation and climate change, evolving technology-based ideas to help government meets its objectives, and filling the way government generates and receives her internal revenue and openings from the 21-story building.

"As you all know, the state depends on oil for its economic development because the bulk of the state’s revenue comes from the 13 percent derivation funds that monthly stream in from the federation account. Increasingly, fossil fuel utilization is being challenged due to issues of environmental degradation and climate change. This is not to paint a gloomy picture of the future but rather, it is to show in strict sincerity how vulnerable our economy is and the need for us to re-calibrate our mindset. Given the low Internally generated revenue and the COVID-19 pandemic that has persisted to date, any surprise that His Excellency Governor Udom Emmanuel last year set up a team to fashion an economy for the state without crude oil?  I was opportune to serve on that committee and I can assure you that when all the recommendations are fully unveiled, you will be glad that you are in this ecosystem."

"Additionally, given that this administration is adopting technology-based processes to enhance governance and administrative procedures, I see an opportunity for young Akwa Ibom’s technopreneurs to come up with innovative ideas to help the government meet its objectives. Such should be boldly extended to projects such as the 21-Storey Building which is reputed to be the tallest in this part of the country. Beyond its height, the building boasts of modern facilities like fire protection sensors, an aviation wing, access controls with components such as card readers, biometric control keypads, central stand-alone server workstations, etc. I see some opportunities awaiting you in the servicing of this facility."

"We can also talk about revenue generation, where the state is embracing technology. With an E-receipt system for revenue payments and the use of Interswitch technology to capture data and statistical analysis, a lot more can be done to generate data on various heads of payments, generation of portals for schools, hospitals, and other MDAs. This is a wide playing field open to all of you to make an impact and even create wealth."

"I am sure that there are other opportunities embedded in other offerings, such as improved education standards, quality health care, Ibom airlines expansion, and airport facilities, Ibom port development, and the upcoming energy-related ventures.  Do not hold back as your services would be highly required especially as we emerge into a post-COVID new world where technology will drive almost every part of our lives," he concluded.

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