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Sunday, October 10, 2021


Sen. Ita Ennang

Inn the course of the programme, Ita Enang, a man known to suffer from  seemingly incurable  disease of the diarrhoea of the mouth,  which often leads him to peddle falsehood and logically confounding assertions that even someone who is mentally retarded would not be associated with, lived true to his character and billing. 

He is reported to have stated among other manifestly false assertions that His Excellency, Governor Udom Emmanuel will soon join the All Progressive Congress (APC.) He went ahead to draw his conclusion for peddling this lie, because Governor Emmanuel,  recently invited the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbjajo, SAN, GCON and  the Senate President, Dr. Ahmed Lawan,  to commission the Dakkada Tower, the Dakkada Luxury Estate flag-off and the Uyo- Ikot Ekpene  road respectively. He went further to say that because of this development, he has “granted” the governor “amnesty” from his usual vitriolic attacks; and that he is now his “friend.”

We would have totally ignored Ita Enang as we always do, since most of what emanates from his mouth are not products of reasoned or rational thoughts, but from a man whose relevance in both the State and National scheme of things have all but evaporated leaving him to seek relevance as a local radio station verbal bomb - thrower.

Let us state here unequivocally, that His Excellency, Governor Udom Emmanuel, WILL NEVER JOIN THE APC, he has never entertained such thoughts and will never even deign such, a nanosecond consideration. He is a major Stakeholder of the Peoples Democratic Party, a loyal party man and a key member in the vanguard to position the PDP as the alternative to what has befallen Nigeria in the last six plus years of Ita Enang’s party rule.

We understand the desire and desperation for Ita Enang’s party to have a Five Star Governor, in the mould of Governor Emmanuel,  whose performance has drawn commendations from key members of  Ita Enang’s party, be associated with them, but sorry to disappoint you, Senator, Governor Udom Emmanuel  is not going anywhere,  he remains  a PDP member for life!

It is sad and unfortunate that Senator Ita Enang would base his outlandish claims on the fact that Governor Emmanuel invited both the Vice President and the Senate President, both of the APC to help commission projects in the state as the reason for his fantasy- filled defection talk. Perhaps Ita Enang needs to be informed that Governor Udom Emmanuel has nationalist credentials and bonafides, and above all, sees himself as a professional in politics as opposed to being purely a professional politician. He still keeps friends he knew while in the private sector even if those friends belong to the other party.

We will not also deign Senator Ita Enang a response to all his false claims and pseudo self glorifications when everyone already knows his antecedence as a greedy and self centered professional politician, whose essence of living, is merely for his stomach infrastructural consolidation and expansion.  As for his so called “amnesty” allusion, we can categorically maintain that he is the one who,  actually needs amnesty from political oblivion and irrelevance he is fast sinking into.


Comrade Faith Mboho




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