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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Prominent Ekid Son Urges Inoyo to Contest for Governor

Mr. Udom Inoyo

….says former oil chief is loaded to lead the state

EKET - A prominent son of Ekid, who is a former President General of Afigh Iwaad Ekid and the Presiding Pastor, Trinity Gospel Mission, Pastor Ita Udoh has called out the former Vice-Chairman of ExxonMobil Companies in Nigeria, Mr. Udom Inoyo to contest for Akwa Ibom state Governor, asking him to speak out and tell Akwa Ibom people his superlative plans for the state. 

Pastor Udoh made this position known while conversing with a select group of journalists in Eket on the socio-political development of Akwa Ibom state after 34 years since creating as well as on the gubernatorial election coming up in 2023. 

Highlighting the rumored ambition of Mr. Inoyo, Pastor Udoh said that Mr. Inoyo should declare his intention if he is interested in the position so that Akwa Ibom people would start knowing his plan for them owing to his favorable antecedent which can turn the state around. 

He said "if he is interested in politics, he should know that politics is a game that does not have much of a time frame. Inoyo has not told me that he is interested, but if he is interested in contesting the governorship election, he is eminently qualified to contest, but let him start talking. I have heard people say he is not doing consultation and has not consulted them. I don’t know whether he is contesting but why I am talking about him is that many places I have been to people seem not to know what he has done. Udom Inoyo should start talking. Because he is not talking, people don’t know what his plans are, he should start letting people know what he has in stock. He is very loaded." 

Revealing that Mr. Inoyo is loaded with ideas and prospects that can help build the youths and develop the state as envisioned in Governor Udom Emmanuel's agenda for the state, he said that Mr. Inoyo has done a lot for the Akwa Ibom people, to the extent that many people are waiting for him to declare so that they can openly throw their support for him having known what he stands for and his capability to revamp the commonwealth if given chance to oversee the state. 

Further alarmed at those saying that Inoyo has not done anything for Akwa Ibom people while in service at ExxonMobil, the presiding Pastor of Trinity Gospel Mission said that majority of those saying that, are people who find it difficult to comprehend what is happening in the world outside politics as well as those that do not understand the different impact that heaving handouts at youths and creating opportunity for them to be endowed with skills and investment openings are two different things, with the latter the most benefiting to the youths. 

"I am not saying they are not listening but quite a good number of Akwa Ibomites are literates. Many of them that are online belong to so many online groups and they see the things that he has been saying as something impossible but are not aware that they are things Udom Inoyo can do."

Calling out those who have benefited from Inoyo's good gesture to speak out and not to be unappreciative, he declared "I am calling on the people that have benefited from Udom Inoyo to speak out. I have not been a beneficiary of Udom Inoyo's gesture but these are the things he did."

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