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Sunday, April 10, 2022


Sen. Princes Stella Oduah


Sacrifice and Selflessness; these are virtues that I am always reminded of, during this period.

Today, marks a very spiritual and reflective phase of the life and passion of our lord Jesus Christ, as he gave His all for us to live and He rides into Jerusalem, as king of the Jews and of the whole world.

The story and celebration of Easter, would be incomplete without the celebration of the palm Sunday and I recall never missing this very solemn celebration, growing up as young Christian girl.

I was Intrigued by the hymns and songs sang by the choir as the chants of "Hosanna hosanna.." rent the air, whilst bragging amongst ourselves, whose palm fronds were the finest!

Every single year, on palm Sunday, my heart goes on a reflective search; towards finding peace and oneness with God and while the celebration is one of joy and happiness, we must always remember that it marked the ending part of our Lord Jesus Christ, on earth.

The message of the palm Sunday is clear - that anyone can have their fortunes change overnight.

Christ was celebrated and hailed as king but few days later, his fate turned sour. 

But, the lesson of Easter is that God remembers and keeps His promises to us, always.

This very reason is why we all as Christians, must hold on onto our faith and trust in God and his Word.

I reach out to all the God loving Christians in Anambra north and the world in general, and pray that we seek the face of God, in all we do. 

To the Church, this is a very important and powerful celebration that should give us reason to look deeper into our souls and find our way back to God.

It is on this note, that I wish every Christian brethren and seeker of God, a very reflective and peaceful Palm Sunday whilst praying that God in His infinite grace and mercy, shall give us the strength and zeal to do his bidding, in faith and in spirit.

Happy Palm Sunday.

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