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Monday, May 16, 2022


"A man of desperation is a heartless man that is a slave to reckless fury;He must be avoided like a plague"

The above lines by Lexon Max clearly defines the underlined misfortune looming the unguided desperation of Bassey Albert as he seeks to become Akwa Ibom state governor by all means in 2023. Having been around this planet for over 3 decades, I have never seen a man so desperate for power like OBA without any convincing reason why the people should queue behind his aspiration, and this is a serious concern to Akwa Ibom people as to what he really wants. 

The danger there is that one can hardly hit the target he doesn't see. It is the height of wickedness to attempt to play pranks with the lives and destinies of over 5 million Akwa Ibom people because of the lack  definite vision and goals. This is the main reason why people still see OBA'S aspiration as a joke of the century.

From the moment Pst. Umo Eno joined the race and people who knew his pedigree engaged in a massive exodus to queue behind him, OBA and his men immediately lost sleep and appetite for food and peace. Reasons for this confusion are not farfetched as they have realized their incompetence and unmatchable personality to contest against Umo Eno. Truth is, marketable products do not need too much bragging and sweating to make sales. 

OBA has been in power for 14 years and still counting, yet, he cannot point to one tangible thing he has done in Ibiono Ibom or one person he has put in the board of NNPC or any board as chairman upstream. He had the chance to prove his mettle as a leader, but failed because of greed, selfishness and desire to amass all the wealth in this world to himself. Today, karma has come after him.

In a desperate move to stop Umo Eno, they have written petitions to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the People's Democratic Party (PDP) as well as the screening panel. They have sponsored write-ups against the state governor and Pst. Umo Eno, but the people are still unperturbed. The more the attack, the stronger the support base of Umo Eno, and this has sent a clear signal as to the direction of the pendulum of victory to OBA and his men.

Now, they are using Ephraim Inyang, Friday Iwok and other desperate politicians to put injunction on the most credible ward Congress conducted. All these are machinations from OBA to divert the people's attention and distract the people from supporting a  noble cause.

However, the main concern is why going berserk just to grab power? What is really his aim for the seat. Till date, he has not been able to define why he wants to become the governor, except for flimsy reason that it is the turn of his federal constituency to produce a Governor. This is laughable.

Akwa Ibom people should be wary of a man who does not know where he is going. Supporting him is just like entering a speed boat on a high sea that doesn't have fuel. The disaster is very obvious.

Like the popular saying by Nigerians, "follow who know road". Pst. Umo Eno knows the road. He knows clearly where Akwa Ibom will be in the next 4 years, and this is leadership. He knows the road to entrepreneurial development, agricultural renaissance, economic growth and sustainability, youth empowerment, sport development, women emancipation and empowerment, and above all, godly leadership. He is a man of class and humility, and should be supported by all and sundry. Pst. Umo Eno is the best man for the job.

Richard Peters

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