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Thursday, January 19, 2023

Human Capital Development: GOVERNOR UDOM EMMANUEL’S Industrial Drive Towards A Prosperous Akwa Ibom-


MefLyn Anwana 

Human capital development is an important factor in the growth of an economy. When the potentials of human capital are effectively harnessed, it results in increased productivity,profitability, innovation and a more inclusive society. Governor Emmanuel is  building  and training a large network of leading entrepreneurs, with over 30000 youths impacted  via social impact and entrepreneurship education programs spanning across all Local government areas. These leading entrepreneurs are equipped with start-up funds and equipments to create new, pattern-changing ideas to solve seemingly intractable challenges and act as key factors for  economic growth as Entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of any society. They point us to the next frontiers of change in the society and inspire the ideas that will shape the economic landscape of the society.


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Business Name: Iniuby Enterprise


My name is Iniubong Ime, the founder of Iniuby enterprise, a firm that produces, processes and packages hygienically spiced catfish and drying consumables. A few years ago we discovered that a lot of pregnant women and children in most communities were malnourished and since fish is a great remedy to that we introduced it to them and they were all bouncing back. We started operation and online marketing in 2019 and on the 30th of November 2021 we launched our outlet.

There are vast economic potentials in the fish production business, as one can make money from drying of consumables, sales of our fish products like the smoked and fresh fish and also through the sales of our fish oil.

Our starting capital was N1,000000. Our high point so far has been our acquisition of an industrial machine for the drying of the fish. Also, we opened an outlet at Udoudoma Avenue, Uyo, Akwa Ibom state where individuals can come around to dry their consumables for as low as N200 per kg.

We faced severe challenges in the year 2020. It was as if the business wasn't working. All our adverts and production stopped until 2021 when I took the bold step to start over again and today the business is working fine. I have been inspired by the Dakkada philosophy of Governor Udom Emmanuel to rise to explore my potentials and so when I heard about the My Entrepreneurship Goals program via the radio and got enrolled in the program, through the training my vision was restored, our brand communication

improved and our financial records were straightened out. I also got access and exposure to different platforms that boosted my business. Today, Iniuby Enterprise is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and we are a team of 3 staff comprising myself, my financial secretary and my product manager. We all have different functions to perform but all of us do marketing of our products and services.

MEGP has been truly impactful to our business. In Entrepreneurship, you can’t leave out leadership and management. Iniuby Enterprise is now better positioned to partner with policymakers and investors for scalability with facilities that will aid our production process. My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is that they note that every business needs passion, capital and time to be successful.

As an entrepreneur, I believe entrepreneurs in Akwa Ibom can impact positively on the economy of the state by creating employment opportunities and food security in the state and also contribute to the health of the people like our firm which fights against protein deficiency.

For entrepreneurs who would love to proffer Solutions in this area, I would recommend hygienically packed fish, a good communication medium that would connect buyers and sellers, great engagement with funders and Competitors and a framework that could scale the business for export opportunity

I want to appreciate everyone in the MEGP team that is helping us and making the entrepreneurial journey easy and inspiring for entrepreneurs.


Business Phone number: 08149150366


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