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Thursday, August 2, 2018


By Aniekan Udofia

The current administration in Akwa Ibom State made industrialisation one of its cardinal goals. Governor Udom Emmanuel has not hidden his desire to transform the state from a Civil Service driven one to that which will boast of several industries with the private sector as the highest employer of labour.

To achievement  industrialization, necessary infrastructures must be in place to drive it.  With access road being one of the major drivers of industrialization, Governor Udom Emmanuel has been in the business of building roads across the State to prepare the ground for massive industrialization.

The Ministry of Works Akwa Ibom State under the Honourable Commissioner  Mr Ephraim Inyangeyen has continued to work tirelessly to interpret the infrastructural vision of the Governor of Akwa Ibom State. Mr Inyangeyen consistently has been on the road to ensure that roads done meet global standard and quality.

The current administration in Akwa Ibom State has not hidden its total commitment to quality service delivery. It has become a norm that under the supervision of the Works Commissioner Mr Inyangeyen it is either you deliver the job to standard or you risk reconstructing what has been done at your own expense.

Several contractors who have attempted to cut corners on job given to them have had themselves to blame because with Mr Inyangeyen it is either you do it well or lose the job.

On Wednesday 1 August, 2018 on a routine inspection the Works Commissioner Mr Inyangeyen arrived the 3.3km Idua Road in Eket handled by Limeck Development Link Limited to see the extent of work done and the quality of it. There had been several complains that the work ongoing does not meet the standard of the work done by the current administration. The Works Commissioner had to physical go to the project site to inspect the work.

Disappointedly the drainage system was poorly done and  Mr Inyangeyen in his characteristic nature rejected the work done and expressed sadness that such shoddy job could be done by a contractor who already knows that under this dispensation it is zero tolerance for substandard work.

Mr Inyangeyen ordered that the drains be reconstructed to meet the standard acceptable by the ministry of Works Akwa Ibom State or the contractor risk the job being revoked.

It is not new in Akwa Ibom State under this administration to see contracts revoked when contractors fail to show capacity. The government would rather put a project on hold than have it haphazardly done. It is this stand that has driven the quality of roads that have been so delivered in Akwa Ibom State in the last 3years and running.

The Works commissioner still on his routine inspection tour on the same day visited the already completed  road on Edem Udo street in Eket which had  a failed portion. Mr Inyangeyen again ordered the the portion be corrected and work done to match up with the rest. He stated that nothing short of quality finishing will be accepted on that portion of the road.

In building an infrastructure viable Akwa Ibom State to drive industrialization the mantra of quality job delivery  as driven this current administration. It has become cheaper to do the right thing than to fraudulently save cost with substandard job delivery but risk losing the job or redoing it at you own cost. Of a certain the Akwa Ibom State government will not accept any substandard job. Mr Inyangeyen will say " we are building roads that will stand the test of time not just wasting the Commonwealth that belongs to the people of Akwa Ibom State and since I don't demand any bribe from contractors for job they are given, they must as a matter of obligation deliver quality roads for use for the people of Akwa Ibom State". Like a contractor told his worker on one of the construction sites "do it well oh Ephraim Inyang is coming" the Works Commissioner will always come around so there is hardly any way  any selfish contractor can have his way.

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