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Thursday, September 13, 2018


It is often said that when an aged chimp is struggling for food with the rats, then frustration has eaten up the lining of its being. Similarly, when you see an old man talking as a drunk in Maitama, certainly he is suffering from absurdity.

Otuekong Don Etiebet you rose from the golden gate of politics in 2002 and fought Obong Victor Attah, the then Governor of Akwa Ibom State, that war consumed you and you were sent into political oblivion, ever since.

Out of frustration, you accepted to be the national leader of the APP, a party that was soon sent into early grave right under your watch. You could still recall that that it was during those days as the APP national chairman that you brought late Dr Ime Umanah to fight Obong Victor Attah during his second term bid. That endeavour retired you into political asylum.

Out of sheer sympathy rather than relevance, Senator Godswill Akpabio as the Governor of our dear state, tried to rehabilitate you but just like a pig that loves mud, you chose to tow the war path with your benefactor. And, like a mouse whose conditionality is not a philosophy of survival will always be trapped by the hunter, you failed woefully with Obong Umana Okon Umana. 

O say the least, I was so ashamed the day you appeared as a witness on Akwa Ibom election tribunal and the Judge could not recognize you and questioned: Is this the same Etiebet of Abacha’s era? I hid my face in shame as the entire court went into uncontrollable laughter; indication that your glory has long departed

The way you spoke in the court that day, you sounded more as a drunk than an ex-minister which the judge had earlier alluded to. Your words ridiculed your personality, you contradicted your submission when you said there was no election in Akwa Ibom State but turned around to say that the APC won in your unit. 

Such an uncoordinated presentation of course laid the foundation for the no case submission that eventually turned out to be the verdict of the court.

Could you still remember the night of the election, how you with some miscreants, went to the INEC office in Uyo, with flashlights as hunters gunning for the kill? I can still recall how you stood outside the office, barking repeatedly like a stray dog, Is anyone here?

Most respectfully sir, one would have thought that with all your political failures and woes, that you would have learnt to slowdown in your political misadventures and be more retrospective in your future or further political moves.

 But nay! Like one who is bankrupt, who cares little about the kind of food he eats, as long as it keeps him breathing, you have carried on as though nothing had happened; most times forgetting to remember that you are an aged man.

Atuekong Don Etiebet your last outing in Eket was most reprehensible to all Akwa Ibom people. At an event that was beamed live on a national television, you and Senator Akpabio were struggling for the Microphone, as though you were both under the influence of drugs or men eaten up by deep hatred for each other.

I know that the APC is a Party without leadership. Akpabio is claiming to be the State leader, as anointed by the loquacious Adams Oshiomhole, and you are also claiming to be the leader as anointed by the association of Akpabio’s enemies who were frustrated out of the PDP by none other Akpabio himself.

But first thing first, and coming back home, Atuekong, I sincerely believe you should drop that title: Atuekong. So, because that title is deserved of a reputable warrior who has conquered several battles on several fronts and therefore nothing to be trivialised by a man like you has been accustomed to losing.

Mr dear Don Etiebet, you sincerely want the world to believe  you when you said that the ever serious and focused Governor Udom Emmanuel called you and sought your counsel to defect to the APC?

Governor Udom Emmanuel, you well know, is a  member  of the Presidential Economic team of President Buhari, who sees the nation’s President without protocol, will come to beg you to join the APC? Do you now see how you have made a mockery of yourself? Even when the Governor who has audited many business concerns of the APC national Leader, Ahmed Bola Tinubu, has refused to succumb to the pressure mounted on him by the national leader himself? 

I hate when a coward sounds like warlord, I hate when a pig looks for white linen from the warehouse. I hate when a beggar tells a billionaire I want to lend you some money. It is unbecoming for a witch-doctor to tell a deity: ‘I want to be your god’. You have assaulted the collective sensibility of Nigerians.

 Mr. Don, you have shown to the whole world the level to which you have degenerated.

For Governor Udom Emmanuel, a world class banker who, before becoming the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, had associated with all classes of people all over the world, to now seek solace from a fallen tree, sounds trite.

 But Mr. Don, I can really feel your frustration.

If you don’t have what to say, must you talk? When I watched you shamelessly dragging the microphone with Akpabio, I thought you had good political points to score, little did I know that you just wanted the world to see your face. 

Don, ask yourself, if Senator Akpabio did not even consult you before joining the APC, how then will a sitting Governor ever think of you, let alone consulting you? Perhaps, I may ask, consult you as what?

Have you forgotten what Senator Akpabio did? He went first and consulted the Vice President after which he went to London and signed a Pack of Amnesty with President Buhari and, on returning home, visited the National Leader of APC in Abuja  to ensure that his ticket back to the Senate will be automatic. Don, did anybody even called  let alone come to you? Perhaps sir, the estimation of your importance resides only in your imagination.

You sound as women who sells periwinkle in Issiet Beach Market in Uruan, for saying to the public that Governor Udom Emmanuel, a man of integrity who had contended with the pressure of both Buhari and his Vice to join APC for years now, suddenly  went blind  and came to you who cannot  give him an automatic ticket; who cannot even tell him what his benefits of joining the sinking ship would be. 

 It is a delusion of the worst order.

My dear Don, you have spoken as a drunk. So, I will advise your family to take you to a rehab centre before you walk into the streets and bring them more shame. Akwa Ibom People love Governor Udom Emmanuel and in 2019, will renew their mandate with him. Don’t waste your old age. My advice to you them would be, respect your  ancestors,  by not bringing them more shame.

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