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Thursday, September 13, 2018



The Hon. Member representing the good people of Esit Eket / Ibeno State constituency in the 6th Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. (Dr.) Usoro  Akpanusoh, since assumption of office has been one of the sixth legislator whose impact is widely acknowledged and applauded through his vigorously legislation / represention to fulfilled on his campaign promises of"establishing indelible legacies".

The trademark of legislative representation offered by Dr. Usoro Akpanusoh within the past three years in the business of legislation has helped tremendously in moulding the restoration and creation of positive changes by bringing governance back to the grassroot.

Some of the aspirants who are equal8ly in the race (only online), with no genuine blueprint/ agenda to present to the great people of Esit Eket -Ibeno State Constituency; and having carefully assessed the popularity, credibility, acceptability and possible emergence of the incumbent pragmatic lawmaker (Dr. Akpanusoh), as the peoples choice who by God's divine programming will continue till 2023, they have resulted to sponsoring mischievous, factless campaign of calumny and image discrediting write-ups using the social media platforms for the purpose of gaining cheap popularity and sympathy. 

While the incumbent, DR. AKPANUSOH; is ernerstly consulting and canvassing for support not minding his obvious record of unimpeachable legislative scorecard, others are campaigning on the internet soliciting for votes from Mark Zuckerberg.

Their latest trend is casting of aspersions and lame attacks against the incumbent as a result of their crystal timidity and lack of purpose as regards legislative leadership.

Howbeit, let me advice those whom by pleasure or monetary inducement have subjected themselves to be used as evil 😈 mechanisms to perpetuate inglorious act of pull him down syndrome to refrain forthwith. 

Let it be known to everyone that the second term aspiration of DR. USORO AKPANUSOH is for the benefits and interest of all constituents generally accepted and endorsed by leaders and stakeholders in the constituency.

The business of legislative functions enquires extreme commitment, dedication, sound & focus mind, foresight and charisma inwhich DR. AKPANUSOH over the years has excellently exhibited.

The baseless and juvenile display of hatred by some persons who do not even have valid Permanent Voters Card (PVC) working against the assured victory of the incumbent lawmaker is yet, another dead dream by haters of good governance that will never manifest.


•None will dare challenge Usoro Akpanusoh's unwavering position to always stand firm despite the tempest to ensure he delivers on his core responsibility of lawmaking.

•None will announce to the world Usoro's selfless and consistent to assuage unemployment and to aide in enhancing academic fortune of several constituents studying in tertiary institutions.

•In all the social media sponsored attacks on the person of Dr. Usoro Akpanusoh, I am yet to see/read a post denying that Usoro Akpanusoh during his 3rd mega constituency briefing did empowered constituents with 

•11 New Cars

•21 Mini Buses

•10 Trycycle Trucks

• 40 Motorcycles etc.

•Sewing machines


•Small Business Support to women, youth etc.

It is a big shame to see some men who are supposed to be mentors, community builders, managers dancing naked in the public when there's no war. 

Hitherto, the people of Esit Eket / Ibeno LGAs are waiting to see the blueprint of other aspirants aspiring for the seat of Esit Eket -Ibeno State constituency under the umbrella party (PDP), and the opposition candidate's (if any) in other to determine who should be considered as the pathfinder and symbol of good governance. (who else if not Akpanusoh)?

Anybody or group of persons that is prepared for elections should caution their supporters to give concentration to the subject matter by maping strategies on how to lobby prospective delegates for party nomination because Usoro Akpanusoh would certainly be re-elected  again for another term of four years.

For those who are not conversant with the legislative impactions as witnessed within this first term, I will advice you to conduct an individual assessment on members of the sixth Assembly, objectively analyze and rate their scorecards using "legislative capacity,  representative impacts, oversight functions and constituency empowerment" as criteria(s) then, you will have no option than to align with the continuity Project for the return of DR. USORO AKPANUSOH till 2023.





I Endorse Akpanusoh For Second Term.

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