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Thursday, October 25, 2018



As the 2019 elections draw closer, it is worthwhile  to reminisce on some fruits embedded in the GOVERNORSHIP candidate of People's Democratic Party, (PDP)Akwa Ibom State. 

For fear of being earmarked for outright assassination, interrogation and maybe arrest by those who think hold the key of life and death because of "federal might", I shall concentrate only on issues relating to the Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel second term ASPIRATION. 

To my fans, I shall not be blunt as I used to because my life and that of my family is more important especially these days that political desperation by some merchants of death and blood is on its zenith. 

I have monitored political parties primaries and general elections since 1999, I have never seen where people lost their lives just because of "common primaries" until recently, as such I am scared of 2019, though I still feel that only the Almighty God will turn the captivity of Zion, afterall when he turned that of Nigeria in 1998, it was like a dream until General Abdusalami took over and returned power to Democracy in 1999. 

Yes, Late Gen Sani Abacha, though a military administrator was not like Adolf Hitler, nor Warsaw but he ruled Nigeria and his tenure ended in 1998 shortly after he was called to "higher ground".

Each time I recall certain boasts by some worldly folks as well as compare and contrast with history-of-sort, I still see why those who believe in chariots are easily defeated in war.

Goliath had seen David as a toddler, but God saw a mighty man in him. Joseph's brothers saw him as a dreamer, but God saw Joseph as a LEADER...brethren, the list is endless.

To the topic of this short piece, as at 2011 to June 2013, I doubt if anyone would have believed that Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel would ever be a councillor let alone Governor with regards to permutations by ungodly fraters. 

He was the least among the aspirants. But God who knows the end from the beginning brought him for the purpose of solving crisis such as INSECURITY.  Of course, no calculating machine can count the victims of assassination and kidnapping before he came on board. Today, Akwa Ibom State is security-wise safer than when some " nationalist " held sway.

Thus, as the 2019 election approaches, with his track record, Gov Udom Emmanuel will not be desperate to a point of unleashing terror on the electorates nor fake an assassination on his part. Just like he conducted the PDP primaries without bloodbath, I believe he shall provide a peaceful environment. 

I have seen a petition where some natives of Eniong Offot claimed that their land was "forcefully" taken away, another group said they had to place forced poison popularly known as Mbiam before their land could be freed in times past. 

I don't intend to delve into such stories, however, I can assure the petitioners that the Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel that I know will never seize their land for any reason, like he created 11,000 hectares of land for coconut plantation in Mkpat Enin, 2,100 hectares of cassava plantation in 15 Local Government Areas under the FADAMA programme among other initiatives of the state government, he will do more.

I know the Amakpe refinery story is still fresh as the political players are in the mindset of Akwa Ibomites, but with his track records, Governor Udom Emmanuel that I have watched from a distance will never blame the failure of previous administration on those players, rather he will fix the refinery and makes it operational.

I trust him that Amakpe Refinery will come up like the Ibom Seaport.

I don't know why some intended leaders do promise their followers scholarships, oversea training yet couldn't fulfil it. I am too sure the Governor Udom led administration has taken millions off the street through the oversea training in ICT, he shall never be a Promise-and-fail governor when it comes to educational scholarship.

I would have loved to be blunt, but you see, our new nationalistic contractors on the other side are too desperate and my life may be at risk, but each time you see those headlines that has to do with ...PROMISE TO BUILD THIS AND THAT, folks, know it's either from a commission not Akwa Ibom State Government.

In reality, commission promises while AKWA IBOM STATE GOVERNMENT fulfils. For instance, I read how the state government took over roads abandoned by a commission. I think, this is what Udom is known for.

As per road construction, Udom Gabriel Emmanuel shall never embark on "Notice me" project. He does quality job. Maybe the reason why if you go to Information Drive, you will likely weep for Urua Ekpa.

Please, Governor Udom Emmanuel shall never promise 31 industries in the State. As could be seen, SYRINGE, metering, AKEES, COCONUT refinery, floor mill among other industries are already yielding fruit. He is not loquacious as such you could describe him as talk-and-do-leader.

Finally, but not the least on this series, Governor Udom Emmanuel will never believe that he will join hands with "Goliath" in order to remain in power. He believes that only the Almighty God gives power as embedded in Psalm 62 verse 11.

Each time I watch the Governor weeping and praying for the sake of this state at the monthly CONGRESS of The Redeemed Christian Church of God in Lagos, I see why this state is no more known for insecurity.

Each time I recall how a brother from a family defected with another brother to a political party, yet Udom Emmanuel had the heart of replacing a member of the same family as Commissioner, I see a man after God's heart.

Was it not in this state that Otuekong Sonni Udom and others were sacked from office simply because their boss (Engine Room) was sent out of government?

Was it not in this state that Rt. Hon Alice Ekpenyong, Sarah Elijah and others were outrightly sacked simply because they defected?

Deacon Udom Emmanuel, keep your eyes on God because I clearly see a significant number of Goliaths falling in 2019.

God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him.

(C)Prophet T.

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