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Sunday, October 28, 2018


Rt. Hon. Dr. Usoro Akpanusoh is the Honorable Member representing the good people of Ibeno and Esit Eket in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly.

Apart from his numerous legislative achievements and effective representation of his Constituency at the State House of Assembly, he has been able to use his office coupled with his sterling & charismatic leadership qualities to closely unite the good people of his Constituency, who happens to come from two different local government councils.

Similarly, Rt. Hon. Usoro  Akpanusoh  has also  been able to prove to his constituency that despite the huge legislative duties which he must attend to, yet he can still be greatly accessible to EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of his Constituency, this is a fact which both the students, youths and the women can positively attest to.

Indeed we cannot deny the fact that truly, the people of Esit Eket and Ibeno have really experienced a robust and effective representation through the various life-touching programs initiated by Rt. Hon. Akpanusoh for the benefit of the people of his very Constituency within his three years of having been elected into office.

Some of such life-touching programs initiated by him includes;

I. The provision of over N50 million naira soft loan to women of his constituency

II. The Provision of An Annual Educational Grant/Support Scheme to students 

III. The Provision of various Youth Empowerment Programs

IV. The frequent Organization of an Annual and Mega Constituency Briefing  & Empowerment Scheme.

Apart from the few enumerated projects initiated by Dr. Akpanusoh for the overall benefit of his people, it is also worthy of note to also mention that Rt. Hon. Akpanusoh is one of the very few legislators who has consistently organized his constituency briefing without omitting any particular year, since he was elected into office.

Similarly, it is a well established fact that so far, the standard of Dr. Akpanusoh’s CONSTITUENCY BRIEFING is one which must be highly commended, as it has been touching directly on his people’s welfare.

This is so because, for instance, his last Constituency Briefing organized at The Lutheran Primary School, Esit Eket, witnessed the presentation of both cash and gift items worth over half a billion naira.

Sincerely speaking, the truth remains that Rt. Hon. Dr. Akpanusoh means well for the good people of his Constituency and is a man who everly sees himself as his people’s servant and who believes so very much in affecting the lives of his people positively, rather than playing politics with their welfare.

Therefore, what more can the people of Ibeno and Esit Eket State Constituency ask for, than that these good works should be encouraged?

 I sincerely believe that one good term deserves another and that with our support, more could actually be done.

May God bless and protect our STATE CONSTITUENCY.

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