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Sunday, October 28, 2018

MOMENT OF TRUTH: Exposing the Akpabio's agenda

"If Udom Emmanuel wins Nsima Ekere to become the governor in 2019, when I die let me not be buried in my hometown Ukana" - Senator Goodwill Obot Akpabio

Akwa Ibom people, remember the popular saying that "he that the god wants to destroy, he first makes him mad”. This seems to be the fate of Senator Godswill Akpabio; but his utterance as quoted above, should worry any reasonable Akwa Ibom person.

For Akpabio to make this statement means 2019 to him and his gang is not about service to the people but blood, blood and more blood. It means death, death and more death. It means hatred, hatred and more hatred for the Ibibios. 

This is not the time to say 2019 is Ibibio vs Ibibio as Governorship candidates. It’s much more than that. It is once again about Akpabio's wicked and evil conspiracy against the Ibibios first and Akwa Ibom in general.

We must ALL rise up to stop Akpabio. He may choose not to be buried in Ukana upon his demise (After all, did a member of the Akpabio's dynasty not allege that Godswill Akpabio is not a true son of the great Akpabio?). 

His new love for Nsima Ekere, the man he tried to impeach as Deputy Governor only tells us there is a secret agendum that is not for the good of the state but only to satisfy their greed and thirst for blood.

We must tell Akpabio that his premonition of not wanting to be buried in Ukana is not only about 2019 but more about the many ghosts of Akwa Ibom sons and daughters murdered in cold blood from 2007-2015. Their spirit keeps hunting him which makes Ukana an uncomfortable resting place for Akpabio.

When a leader starts talking like this, it is a sign that his end his nearer than ever. Akpabio confession that he should not be buried in Ukana if Udom wins 2019 election, shows high desperation a man can be in grabbing power, and also underscore the rumour that Akpabio’s father might not have been from this place.

This is how King Nebuchadnezzar did till God reduced him to the position of animal. God is about to turn another Nebuchadnezzar to animal in Akwa Ibom state.

Akwa Ibom people must tell Akpabio that 2019 will be determined through the ballot, not through blood, assassination, kidnapping and deaths and we must hold Akpabio responsible and bring him to justice if 2019 records any politically motivated death. This state does not belong to a contractor. It belongs to every Akwa Ibom child. 

I abhor Akpabio’s consistent penchant in using the Ibibios to fight Ibibios. He did it before, and he is attempting it again. It is time our brothers and sisters wise up and stop a plunderer from gaining his way again into the state coffers. 

The time has come for the Ibibios to rise up and fight for their survival and the future of this state they fought so hard to bring into existence. The time has come for Akwa Ibom to see through Akpabio's gimmick and unite.

The choice is simple; Akwa Ibom must unite to stop Akpabio or be ready to face political extinction planned by Akpabio but implemented by the Ibibio stooge he is hoping to install. We must stop Akpabio for the sake of generations unborn. We must not allow him get his way. For the sake of all our sons and daughters murdered during his regime, we owe them that duty by ensuring it never happens again.

Akpabio’s time on earth, perhaps is gradually getting to an end, and he wishes to make his last outing on earth by encouraging violence against Akwa Ibom. Everyone must rise to stop him.

So much is at stake come 2019. Akpabio must be brought to his knees politically. That is the only way Akwa Ibom can be free. If not, I don't see many Ibibios surviving 2019-2023. If we do not stop Akpabio, I see the return to the dark days where many prominent Ibibio sons will be killed in mysterious circumstances just for Akpabio to once again plot his coup against us come 2023.

Akwa Ibom people, remember when I said this man is not coming to salvage us but to kill us? We must stop him but not with guns and bullets as he is planning against us but with our commitment and resolve to vote our conscience and defend our votes no matter the cost.

Akwa Ibom people, be wise. Ask questions.

I am Prince Emmanuel Sam, Unstoppable Voice of Truth. I endorse this message.

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